Navrang Navratri Ka

Honouring The 9 Forms Of Maa Durga

The festival that glorifies the victory of good over evil, the festival of dancing & rejoicing, the festival of Maa Durga & her 9 Avatars, Navratri has begun and it is all the reason that we need, to gather and celebrate the divinity. To solemnize each form of Maa Durga in the hues that signify and honour her powers. The shades symbolizing the nobility of each day. And an array of colours that are sure to add a highlight in a remarkable way to your every look of Navratri. If you are someone wondering how to look at your best for each event of Navratri like Puja, Jagrata, Dandiya, Dhunachi Naach and many more lined-up ceremonies. Then here’s how you can distinguish your look for every day by simply accessorising it with the corresponding colour of the day. Scroll through to find out the hue for each day of Navratri & the dedicated jewellery of that specific tone picked to light up your look in a prominent way.

9 Colours For 9 Days Of Navratri

Keep It Bright & Gorgeous With Yellow On Day 1

Beginning with the brightest colour of all, Yellow. The day and the colour is dedicated to Goddess Shailaputri and it stands for her strength. And the ideal way to accessorise your look with colour that implies joy and celebrations is by pairing your favourite saree or Kurti with a gold-toned traditional neckpiece that reflects the hues of yellow in its finesse

Look Prosperous & Lush With Green Stones & Beads On Day 2

Moving ahead with the prosperous colour, Green!. The second day and the rich tint of the colour honour Goddess Brahmacharini and stand for her knowledge. The best way to add the glints of green to your look is by wearing a statement neckpiece crafted with green colour beads and adorned with twinkling green stones. Wear it with a light shaded festive outfit to highlight the hue of the day.

Adore The Poise In You With Dignified Grey On Day 3

Step into the third day with the dignified colour Grey! The shade and day are devoted to Devi Chandraghanta who carries a half-moon on her forehead. The only way to solemnize her grace with the colour dedicated to her is by wearing long layered haar in an oxidized tone flaunting the hues of greyscale gloriously. Style it with your neutral coloured festive dress to celebrate and showcase the significance of the day.

Look Lively With The Zestful Orange Hue On Day 4

Celebrate the fourth day with the warmest colour Orange! The shade and the day dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda represent happiness & energy. For colour so lively you need to complement the outfit of the day with jewellery that has a tinge of orange and speaks for the speciality of the day. An ornament crafted with natural motifs and polished in the glorious rose gold shade is perfect to cherish the day.

Be The Charm With Delightful White Stones On Day 5

Honour the fifth day with the pure & empowering White! The colour and day is devoted to Goddess Skantamanta and signifies purity and peace. The best way to uphold the fame of the day is by adorning a shining piece of statement earrings with white stones that are clear as crystal and radiates purity. Wear it with your dark coloured festive outfits to add a charming highlight to it.

Look Traditional With The Fearless Red On Day 6

Rejoice the day with fearless & religious Red! The day praises the glory of Devi Katyayani and the colour red represents her fury towards the evil. Add a little spark to your traditional look by flaunting a gorgeous choker necklace adorned with red stones & beads to uphold the significance of the day. Match the hue of these red stones with the shade of your lipstick to look bold for the day.

Look Gracious With Royal Blue On The Day 7

Celebrate the day with the elegant colour Royal Blue! The day is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri and the hue of blue stands for divinity and inspiration. The ideal way to dress up for the seventh day of Navratri is by flaunting a sparkling choker necklace set featuring blue stones. Style it with your festive lehenga to look like a star of the night with that added spark of zircon stones.

Look Elegant With Feminine Pink On Day 8

Rejoice the eighth day with feminine yet passionate Pink! The day is devoted to Goddess Siddidhatri and the colour pink personify her compassion. An elegant way to uphold and solemnize the significance of the day is by pairing your festive outfit with a necklace hosting pink stonework on it. A tinge of pink on your accessories matched with the pink shade of your lipstick is how you complete the look for this day.

Look Your Best With Purple On The Last Day 

Indulge in the glory of festivities with the spiritual colour Purple! The last day observed to bid a farewell for Maa Durga with the colour purple signifying ambition and spirituality. The only & ideal way to amp up your look for the day is by pairing your lehenga with an oxidized necklace flaunting purple stone embellishments. Look your best on the grand day of Navratri with a tinge of purple added to your accessories.