Radiate Sunshine!
The Best Floral Haldi Jewellery Designs for the Bride to wear in 2023

One of the more light-hearted ceremonies that is enjoyed by all during the wedding preparations, Haldi is a cleansing ritual that is as old of a tale as time itself. The bride and groom are covered in turmeric paste by all the members of the family and guests as a marker for blessings and good wishes. The ritual is followed by a ceremonial bath that cleanses and detoxifies the body, thus stepping into marriage purified. Haldi is also applied to ward off the buri nazar, or evil eye of the beholders. Protecting the bride and groom from evil spirits, the elders of the family also give amulets to the couple and even kids in the wedding to cleanse the aura of people and the place around. 

Over time, yellow has become a symbolic colour to denote the rituals in a Haldi ceremony, thanks to the bright mustards and canary hues of turmeric. A bright colour often connected to positivity, charm and hope for the future, it is ideal to wear some bling for your Haldi, especially if it is an inviting shade of sunshine! Explore ornamentation from our Haldi Collection to mark your day bright for a fruitful wedding ahead.

An Adorable Lustre: The Curated Haldi Set

Lustrous and luminous, highlight these necklaces during your Haldi for the extra bling. A sheen of subtle yellow deviating the focus on the embedded pearls, the Zircon Necklace Set is enough to complete a look that is both elegant yet charismatic. If you enjoy building the sparkle with accessories all around, pair this set with a geometric Zircon Kada, Maang Tikka and the sunflower-inspired Zircon Ring for an unmatched opulence.

A Streak of Grace: Enchanting Earrings

Doesn’t it feel incomplete to be out on your wedding without a pair of earrings? Style these multifaceted danglers and studs for your Haldi to add the feminine charm to your ensemble. From motifs inspired from mother nature to minimals blings, take your pick from a variety of earrings to save the day. 

It’s a true statement of Sunshine! This Haldi, take cues from the celebrities who style it right. Feel bold and gorgeous with a pair of yellow zircon earrings. Style it like the star Rubina Dilaik in a classy manner!

Petalled Wonders: Chokers for your Haldi

While you’re constantly splashed with buckets of water and promising vows, the last thing you want is to handle your gehnas. Swap the regular mala with a dazzling Zircon Choker from our Pastel Hues Collection. A sunshine hue of yellow embellished with floral motifs makes it
a glamorous yet comfortable
set to wear for your Haldi.


Encircling the Rays: The Kada Conscience

Complement the Yellows

If your Haldi outfit is a vibrant shade of the iconic luminescent colour, create a distinction with your jewellery. Haldi is a ceremony where people are bound to wear yellow jewellery, thus, stand out from the crowd with the cool shades of mint and blue. Add the subtle presence with kadas that match the floral vibe of the venue, and be the showstopper as the elegant bride.

A Floral Beam: Finger Rings for the Win!

One can never go wrong with a Zircon Finger Ring that embodies the infinite beauty of a flower. Inspired by the sunflower and Periwinkle, choose a floral ring from your intuition that will add just the right amount of sparkle
to your hands. 

A highly promising colour combined with the organic benefits of turmeric only makes it magical to celebrate this ceremony with great joy and merriment. Explore the range of jovial jewellery and be Haldi-ready!