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Auspicious Beginnings, Sacred Blessings: The Lord Ganesha Collection at Kushal’s

As a festival celebrating the arrival of Lord Ganesha from Kailash Parvat to earth, the ten days of auspiciousness is met with commemoration of prayers, decorations and immersion of the deity. Similar to the ornamentation of Ganesha with flowers and fabrics, add the festive flair to your jewellery with the auspicious symbol of Lord Ganesha!

A mark of wisdom, prosperity and overall good luck, Lord Ganesha is worshipped before the beginning of any new venture, be it a business, traditional housewarming or even before we begin our daily prayers. Having elephant symbols within your vicinity is also considered to guide positive vibrations towards your life. Keeping the auspicious nature of the festival in mind, body and spirit, celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi with ornaments from Kushal's Fashion Jewellery. Intricately crafted in 92.5 Silver Temple and Antique jewellery, brighten up this Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 festival with a range of necklaces, tikkas and rings!

Lord Ganesha Necklaces: A statement is made when a necklace is donned. It is your belief towards Lord Ganesha that makes these necklaces special. Symmetrical with depictions of elephants defining wisdom and knowledge, let these necklaces take a hold of your faith. 

Lord Ganesha Rings: Deities of our Gods are known to bring in the vibrations of positivity to an event or a space. Carry the good omen and vibrations of Lord Ganesha with you through Kushal’s range of Ganesha inspired finger rings. 

Lord Ganesha Maang Tikkas: The adoration of your jewellery begins with a tikka. Begin your accessorisation right with the essence of Lord Ganesha through colourful maang tikkas. 

Lord Ganesha Bangles: Let your spirituality come full circle with the depictions of Lord Ganesha in these authentic and auspicious bangles. Paired impeccably with traditional sarees and ethnic suits, these bangles balance the art of blessings in a blissful way. 

Lord Ganesha Earrings: A tried and tested method to keep it simple yet divine, Ganesha (the Gajanan, or one with the elephant face) is often seen in the rendered depictions of jhumkas and other stud earrings. Find balak Ganesh in jhumka embraced with floral motifs and gem details. 

Lord Ganesha Pendant: A ganpati pendant is known to be the highlight of all jewelleries in an outfit. However, Kushal’s tops it up by incorporating the blessings of Lord Ganesha, depicted in variations of jharokha-inspired designs, navratna gems and lotus symmetry. 
While you decorate the idol in your home for the upcoming days of Ganesha Chaturthi, don’t forget to shower some blessings on yourself with the Ganesh Chaturthi Collection by Kushal’s this festive season.