Silver Jewellery

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Buy 925 Silver Jewellery for Women

Silver jewellery is a 'thing' in India, being very popular among the men and women. There are many ornaments made the same, such as silver jewellery earrings, silver jewellery bangles, silver jewellery sets for women, silver jewellery toe rings, jhumkas, long necklaces etc. Most of the ornaments made in silver are an inspiration taken from the integral parts of India. Apart from the cities it also has a stronghold in the rural parts of our country. While gold ornaments have more popularity in our culture, silver is not left behind as it is not just adorned by the women but also by the men, especially in rural India with exclusive designs. As dated as it is in the history of jewellery, it also is the latest rage among the trendsetters in our country. The silver jewellery market has been huge online, but lately, because of its popularity, people are shopping in numbers online, which is giving the craftsmen to bring out the best of themselves and produce a variety of exclusive traditional and modern designs. We at Kushal's produce 925 silver jewellery for women, which caters to the needs of all women looking at the best designs for their needs. Keeping which in mind we produce silver jewellery pure in kind and silver jewellery hallmark, which not just serves as lustrous pieces in their jewellery boxes, but also is a way of adding to their savings. We have a variety of them ranging from silver pendant jewellery to long silver jewellery necklaces, from small to big and prices varying for all classes of the society. We also have oxidised silver jewellery which in recent times is delightful to the eyes of all the women who want to be intact with the ongoing trend. The oxidised jewellery trend gives an old, raw appearance and feel. Women like to carry it off either with an ethnic traditional look or to the stereotypes with a pop of these pieces by pairing them along with some chick boho or western outfits. One can really play with these handsome bold pieces silver jewellery necklaces and other ornaments and make heads turn by their choices. Our variety caters to customers who are also looking for silver jewellery gifts for their friends and families. Our aim is to make all needs our priorities and satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Silver Jewellery Sets for Women

In necklaces, we have silver jewellery necklaces. In silver necklaces we have two polishes being rhodium and gold. The rhodium polish has a proper silver polish to it from dainty necklaces that can be worn to any corporate event to fancy ones that can look grand at any festival or occasion. These pieces are the ones that do not come with earrings. The gold polish is the one that has a more traditional look to it, both of these are 925 silver jewellery for women. There are jewellery necklaces that are short to the silver jewellery long necklaces, both being queenly in nature. Best suited on any traditional outfit to complete the look. Silver jewellery sets are the ones that have silver jewellery pendant and the earrings. We have in all sizes and ranges. Silver jewellery earrings - Silver jewellery earrings are always the ones that never go out of trend. We have an enormous variety that always meets the expectations of the buyers. We have and silver earring ranging from studs to silver jewellery jhumkas to baalis to heavy earring. These have a very traditional look to it and inculcate colour stones replicating rubies and emeralds to befit the outfits of our customers. These earrings can be shopped online and can be matched to our necklaces and made into a set if one desires. The silver earrings are the ones with oxidised silver polish, that are chunky and ethnic, again inculcating a couple of fun colours to enhance the jewellery pieces. These are edgy and chic and can look best with traditional and western chic outfits. These oxidised silver jewellery pieces never fade out of trend. These are also the 925 silver jewellery for women.

The silver jewellery bangles have a gold polish to it with coloured stones embellished to enhance its beauty. The design is traditional and exclusive and comes in either a pair of two or a single bangle. The buyer can buy the bangles as per their needs in singles or in numbers. The silver bracelets are designed with detailing from delicate ones to the ones that are a little fancy. They have silver looking stones in them that enhance their beauty. The bracelets are more flexible in nature when compared to the kadas. The silver kadas are stiffer and also have stone detailing to it. These have a glossy finish to them. The bangles, bracelets and kadas are made of 925 silver jewellery for women.

This category includes silver maangtikka, payals, silver jewellery toe rings, oxidised silver jewellery necklaces, rings, silver jewellery long haram, hair brooch, silver maatils and sindoor dabbi. All of these are hallmark silver jewellery and are those essential things that add to the detailing of all the looks. The sindoor dabbi is the perfect silver jewellery gift one can gift to any married woman or a woman that is going to get married.