A Jewellery Of Significance With Style


A Jewellery Of Significance With Style

Mangalsutra is the one piece of jewellery that stays with a woman for the rest of her life as an eternal sign of love and marriage. While the majority of your hefty wedding jewellery are only worn once in a while for special events, a mangalsutra is a constant companion and a piece of jewellery that significantly expresses you in a way no other jewellery can. It’s a mark of your happy-forever and the sanctity of your beautiful marriage holding a cultural and emotional meaning.

As modern women, we tend to choose and include things in our lifestyle that are easy to manage so that we could maintain our focus on more important things. Speaking of, when it comes to our wearables and style, it is an important medium of expressing ourselves, we look forward to owning stylish yet relatable, fashionable yet comfortable pieces of fashion. That said, adorning a traditional accessory like Mangalsutra and pulling it off with the outfits we wear everyday is quite a challenge. But, the good thing is it’s not impossible. 

The first step towards achieving a Mangalsutra-friendly everyday look is to own more than one Mangalsutra. The one you get during your wedding ceremony is usually inclined to purely traditional design and intricate prominent motifs making it wearable only on specific occasions. But, in addition to that, you can get a light and less heavy Mangalsutra with simple design and contemporary look that you can wear with almost every outfit, be it ethnic or western. 

Here are some minimal contemporary Mangalsutra designs with unique styling tips that you can totally follow and incorporate into your everyday look.

Minimal Pendants

You can drastically reduce the extravaganza of a mangalsutra and your hesitation to wear it, by going for a minimal pendant. Minimal in terms of design, look, and intricacy. Designs such as a curved crescent moon, a single floral motif, a geometric shape, make a mangalsutra look significantly beautiful yet keeping it minimalistic. This mangalsutra could be a complimenting accessory to your Blazer look, it’ll add an extra bling to your office party look, and it’ll be a great addition on your casual tops as well. Wear it with a U-neck topwears, pairing up with formal trousers, and matching stilettos or pump sandals. You can throw in a matching bracelet, bangle, and/or a finger ring for a refreshing and graceful look that you can carry at work as well as social brunches.

Touch Of Colours

Mangalsutras hardly ever go beyond the colour combination of black-gold, and black-silver, but what if they did? A little hint of color holds a potential to give the mangalsutras an interesting turnaround, and you, a nudge to wear them more often as a daily-wear accessory. Go for a mangalsutra with a colourful Zircon studded pendant for an interesting change. It’ll give a slight festive bling to your daily look. Pair it with a casual dungaree look for a fashionable contemporary style. You could also pair it effortlessly with your casual tees and skirt look, formal blazer look, and an indo-western look. It could be a great colourful and contrasting addition to any of your plain attire and/or jewellery, giving your look an appealing touch of hues. A perfect piece to wear to your work, family gatherings, and celebration dinners.

Contemporary Pendants

Mangalsutras no longer call for a standard traditional design. Rather, it is getting more modern and contemporary by day. Designs for almost every personality, every choice, and every occasion. Although, the black beaded string around the neck is a constant thing, you could always go for graceful and elegant pendants that’ll satisfy your fashionable side as well. Pendants with abstract strokes, swirly motifs, effortlessly and minimal design look very trendy and chic and just a perfectly beautiful piece to adorn every day. Wear the contemporary pendant mangalsutras with any look, casual, formal, semi-formal, or traditional, they’ll add just the right amount of bling and refreshing grace to it. For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, try it on with a sheen leather jacket, crop-top and flared-legged trousers combination, sleek hairstyle, and a pair of brown boots.

Classic Ethnicity

True to the roots, a call to the culture, classic ethnic mangalsutras will always be a staple piece of jewellery for every married woman. Being more embellished and intricate in design than the minimal contemporary ones, ethnic/antique mangalsutras are more eye-catching, festive, and generally inbound to occasion wear. That said, instead of just being a mangalsutra around your neck, ethnic mangalsutra can become an unforgettable fashion statement in your big-small significant occasions. You could opt for a beautifully crafted big pendant mangalsutra that you can wear individually or pair up with your other necklaces. You could go for a minimal indo-western look by wearing matching earrings with a pendant mangalsutra over a closed/high neck outfit and some blingy add-on accessories.

Around The Wrist

Mangalsutras now can be worn around your wrist as well – it is an interesting twist in itself. If you like to accessorize your hands more than your neck, hand mangalsutra could just be your thing. It is equally significant, something unique, and parallel to your style. You could go for it if you’re wearing heavy neck jewellery and don’t want to miss out on mangalsutra; or are planning to keep your neck bare; or wearing some closed neck dress/top, or just for style purpose. Hand mangalsutra will look great with a simple saree look, you could wear a pair of bangles in one hand and a mangalsutra in the other. You can try the same for a Kurti look. You could include it in your casual as well as a party look, just instead of a basic bracelet opt for a mangalsutra bracelet. You can wear it individually, or pair it up with neck mangalsutra and wear it as a set.

Hint Of Pearls

What looks great with the strand of black beads alongside? A pearl! Pearls add an effortlessly elegant and modern touch to every jewellery they sit in. How does a Mangalsutra with a single, perfectly sized, and embellished pearl as a pendant sound? Well, simple yet chic could just be the best explanation. It’ll be a great accessory to wear on your semi-formals, sheen shirts, summer dresses, and solid tees. Try it over a peach tone sheen shirt, pairing with blue denim jeans and beige/off-white ankle boots. You could also pitch in small matching stud earrings and get a simple, elegant and complete look. You can also pair it with your other necklaces and/or chains on special occasions for a layered and fashionable look. In this case, go with some open-neck top-wear for your neck jewellery to highlight visibly.

You probably don’t think much when it comes to keeping multiple mangalsutra options in your cupboard. But now you know that you could! So, go ahead and explore for yourself. It’s time we make Mangalsutra as a style statement for married women!