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Festive Wear Bangles

Bangles are a timeless accessory that complements women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. They serve as more than just adornments for the hands; they also enhance the delicacy of one's wrists, making them a focal point of attention.

Bangles come in many shades and designs, making them suitable for various occasions. With the perfect bangle, you can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Bangles can make you stand out during festive occasions and be the centre of attention. Don't hesitate to add some complimentary bangles to your festive wardrobe today.

Types of Festive Wear Bangles

When choosing the perfect bangle to wear for a festive occasion, it is important to explore the various options available to you to make the best selection. A vast selection of bangles is available, ranging from delicate styles to heavy designer pieces, which can complement any festive outfit.

One way to add flair and colour to your outfit is to opt for bangles featuring contrasting colours. Taking the time to plan your festive jewellery and outfit can help you make the perfect choice that aligns with your outfit and your style. Here are a few types of festive wear bangles that you should consider.

  • Silver Temple Bangles

  • Temple bangles originates in the southern region of India, crafted by sculpting figures of gods and goddesses. The most sought-after carvings were of Goddess Lakshmi, regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Wearing this bangles was considered auspicious for a family's financial status, especially for women.

    Initially, temple bangles was made using pure yellow gold. However, with the increase in gold prices, temple bangles are now crafted using silver, coated with a layer of yellow gold to maintain their authenticity. Besides, silver temple bangles is also available without yellow polish, with the option of an oxidised silver finish that provides a different colour variant for the design.

  • Antique Bangles

  • Antique bangles are typically crafted in gold or silver, showcasing two distinct shades and hues. They are adorned with exquisite elements that reflect India's opulent past, featuring depictions of majestic elephants, regal horses, and iconic kings and queens.

    These antique bangles offer a glimpse into India's rich history of monarchy and are characterised by their bulky, oxidised appearance, making them ideal for a bohemian-inspired look. In addition, you may also discover antique bangles that feature ornate dangles, intricate mirror work, and charming ghungroos.

  • Kundan Bangles

  • Kundan bangles are exquisite pieces of jewellery known for their intricate details and delicate design. Usually made of yellow gold, these bangles are often paired with traditional Indian attire, such as silk sarees and suits, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    One of the remarkable features of Kundan bangles is their perfect balance and structure, giving them a rich appearance. These bangles are adorned with various precious stones that further enhance their beauty. Some of the most popular stones used in Kundan bangles are rubies, which come in both polished and uncut forms and are known to symbolise power and wealth. 

    On the other hand, Emeralds are deep green stones representing peace and loyalty. Lastly, pearls come in different colours and shades and are often associated with the moon, symbolising devotion.

    Kundan bangles are a perfect blend of art and beauty, making them a must-have accessory for those looking to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to their ensemble.

  • Zirconia Bangles

  • Zirconia bangles are an essential addition to any jewellery collection, offering a stunning statement piece that's stylish and affordable. If you love the look of diamond jewellery but don't want to break the bank, zirconia bangles make the perfect alternative. These bangles flawlessly mimic the look of diamond bangles while being much less expensive.

    Additionally, zirconia bangles come in various hues, including ivory, rose gold, and different shades of pink, allowing you to choose the perfect colour to complement your style. Many zirconia bangles feature intricate mirrorwork, enhancing the piece's sparkle and shine and adding to their appeal.

    This versatile piece of jewellery can be paired with any outfit, adding a touch of glamour and detail to your look. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or want to add some shimmer to your everyday style, zirconia bangles are perfect.

  • 92.5 Silver Bangles

  • When seeking authentic silver bangles, look for the hallmark 92.5, a sign of quality and longevity. Opting for 92.5 silver bangles will provide you with a durable and semi-precious accessory that is also quite affordable yet still maintains its resale value.

    Silver is a radiant metal that can be easily moulded into various sizes and shapes, allowing for diverse design options. These bangles are often embellished with mirrors and pearls to enhance their aesthetic appeal. You can find these bangles adorned with various carvings, from modern to traditional, allowing you to achieve the perfect look you desire.

  • Swarnika Bangles 

  • If you are searching for traditional Indian bangles, go for Swarnika bangles. They are popularly available in ruby and green emerald stones. Swarnika bangles are available in different shapes, such as diamond cut stones, lined with small studs to give them a better shape and look. They are perfect to go with any Indian outfit.

    Shop with Kushals for the Best Festive Wear Bangles!

    When it comes to dressing up for a festive occasion, going for traditional and heavy jewellery is not always necessary. The key is to feel confident and happy in what you wear, which spreads positive vibes around you.

    When planning your festive outfit, bangles can be a great addition to add a fun and playful element to your look. You don't have to stick to traditional styles - modern and lightweight bangles can also bring in a touch of tradition. 

    With so many designs and patterns, you can express your personality and style through the range of bangles from Kushals. So let your bangles be the defining factor in your festive look this season.