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Bridal Jewellery Sets 

The Bride draped in her rich finery and bejewelled in the finest of treasure walking towards the mandapam with a glorious smile adorning her, is a vision to behold forever…
And for a longing moment like this, a bride-to-be will only want the best of things to enrich her beauty at the wedding. The treasure that connects with her emotions of being a bride and finery that resonates with the ceremonious ambience of her wedding. For an awaited & most anticipated moment like Muhurtham, we have crafted a rare range of Bridal Jewellery Sets that showcase nothing but exquisite grandiosity that echoes the luxuriant artisanship in its details!

These Bridal Jewellery Sets are thoughtfully rendered, skilfully crafted and consciously curated to put forth only the best range of jewels to suit the bride who is looking for something special to compliment her beauty in the best way. A special something to catch the attention at first glance, whilst it reflects the heritage with its meticulously carved motifs and etches.
Indulge in adorning yourself for your wedding with jewels that glorifies the sanctity of marriage in its enfolds and engraves!

Varieties Of Bridal Jewellery Sets At Kushal’s

Sanghini - The Exclusive Bridal Treasure - A unique bridal jewellery range from Kushal’s inspired by the festivities of marriage and its beauty encompasses a variety of ornaments that captures the delightful moments of a wedding like Varmala, Palki, Baraat etc in its expressive arcs and etches.

One-of-a-kind Bridal Designs From Sanghini Collection

92.5 Silver Temple Bridal Jewellery - Inspired by divinity and designed with Dravidian architectural muse the complete range of 92.5 Silver Temple Bridal jewellery is an absolute reflection of heritage and luxuriance that houses a variety of Heirloom Designs like Guttapusalu, Navratna, Vanki, Addigai and Kemp.

Jewellery Crafted To Reflect The Richness Of Bride

Antique Bridal Range - With a perfect vintage charm and a glorious gold tone the Antique Bridal range comes to life with varieties of artistic impressions. The most-loved range hosts popular designs like Goddess Lakshmi Haar, Lord Ganesha Necklace & Radha-Krishna Choker with spinel stone adornments.

Most-Loved Bridal Designs In Antique 

Regal Kundan Jewels For The Bride - Hailing the cultural richness and adorning the Brides of India since time immemorial, Kundan jewellery makes a perfect suit for the Bride, from traditionally crafted Gulbandh to beaded Rani Haar Kundan covers everything that a Bride would require to look Royal on her wedding day!

Royal Kundan Jewellery For Queenly Bridal Look

Sparkling Zircon Bridal Sets - Influenced by the scintillating muse, Sparkling zircon refashions itself with a touch of ethnicity and a dash of glamour to suit the contemporary bride! The collection features an array of shines from slightly ethnic ones to extravagant, cocktail ones to match the reception look of the Bride.

Shop Scintillating Cocktail Bridal Jewellery

Head-To-Toe Bridal Accessories At Kushal’s

Maang Tikka - The highlight of the Bridal face, Maang Tikka that stands grandly at the centre, crowning the Bride! 
Matha Patti - The meticulously crafted runs of chains that frame the brides face beautifully from ear to ear, highlighting her grace.
Nath - The dainty piece of traditional ornament that adorns the nose of a bride in a royal yet captivating manner!
Matil - Also known as Ear Chains, these dainty strings with embellishments adorn the backside of your ears till the hairdo.
Ambada Or Brooch Bun - Also known as Juda clip to embellish your bridal hairdo ceremoniously!
Chotis - Pendant like billai or cascading braid ornaments to enrich the Bridal Braid on her special day!
Kunjalam - Traditional and ornate tassels that are used as hair extensions at the end of the Bridal plait.
Hathpan -  The embellished chain that runs on the back of the palm, attached to a ring and either a bracelet or a bangle, adorns the hands of the bride. 
Vanki Or Bajuband - The ornament that adorns the arms of the bride royally by adding a traditional touch to it.
Kamarband - The most important of all accessories that elevate the stature and look of the bride by complimenting her saree in the best way.
Payal - The most resounding ornament worn around the ankles with ghunguroo (anklet bells) that creates a melodious chiming sound.
Jhoomar Or Passa - The elaborate chandelier style hair ornament that adorns the temple of the Bride’s forehead.
Finger Rings - Wide circular rings in an antique style to add that finishing grandness to the Bridal Look.

FAQ’s That a Bride-to-be Will be curious about…

What’s in Trend for Bridal Jewellery?
As a bride, you wouldn’t want to miss the styles that are ruling bridal fashion in contemporary times, so here are some trending styles to consider while shopping for Bridal Jewellery,
1) Heavy Chokers Paired With Rani Haar
2) Layered Mala & Short Necklaces
3) Circular Antique Rings 
4) Matha Patti Or Sheesh Phool
5) Temple Kamarbands
6) Vanki Bajuband
For a more personalized Jewellery selection for your Bridal Look connect with us over email or WhatsApp. And will select the perfect set for you!

How To Choose Bridal Jewellery?
Choosing the right Bridal Jewellery can be tricky, but the first thing towards selecting the right jewels is to have your wedding dress sorted. Based on the colour, embroidery and neckline of it, you can plan and select your perfect Bridal jewellery! 

How Do I Match My Wedding Dress With My Jewellery?
Go by the colour wheel, always pick a polish and stone in either contrast to your wedding dress like Red & Green or Red & White otherwise style in monochromatic tones like Pink & Ruby to create a harmonious look.

Which Jewellery Goes With My Red Silk Saree?
Guttapusalu with ruby emerald stones & pearl fringes is an ideal way to amp up your Red Saree Bridal Look, Even Long Haar with emerald beadwork or pearl details suits great with pleated red saree pallu.

Which jewellery goes with a silk saree?
Anything in Silver Temple & Antique suits best over the golden zari weave of Silk sarees. Choose yellow gold polish for bright colours and antique polish for subtle, pastel colours.

What all accessories should a Bride have?
Top 6 Accessories a Bride must-have…
Maang Tikka Or Matha Patti

Want Our Stylist To Guide You With Your Bridal Jewellery?
Share a snap of your bridal attire over E-mail Or Whatsapp and our stylist will select the best-suited jewels for You! Our email: and WhatsApp: +91 - 9591321696 Or Tap here to get in touch with us

Quick Dos & Don'ts For A Bride
Dos : Choose your style and stick to it.
Make sure your Bridal Attire is comfortable & fit for you!
Do a look check before a day or two to avoid the last-minute hassle.
Get your beauty sleep & Stay hydrated!

Don’ts : Don’t go Over The Top, keep it simple yet grand.
Don’t mix different jewellery polishes.
Don’t DIY for your Big Day!

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