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Kundan Bangle 156587
Green Pink-Mint Ruby
Kundan Earring 156608
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Kundan Finger Ring 156594
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Kundan Finger Ring 158516
Green Lavender Mint Pink Ruby
Kundan Tikka 164047
Ruby Ruby-Green Green
Kundan Earring 151629
Green Lavender Mint Pink Ruby
Kundan Finger Ring 156592
Green Mint Pink Ruby
Kundan Earring 154268
Green Lavender Mint Pink Ruby
Kundan Tikka 164052
Green Mint Pink Ruby
Kundan Earring 166015
Green Mint Ruby White
Kundan Necklace 163990
Green Mint Ruby

Bridal Kundan Jewellery is a Must-Have!

Bridal Kundan Jewellery: The Must-Have Accessory!

When it comes to Indian outfits, especially bridal ones, nothing completes the look quite like antique kundan jewellery. These unique and traditional pieces not only offer a touch of elegance but also add a distinctive vibe to your overall appearance. With a wide variety of options in terms of size, colour, and design patterns, there's something for every bride out there.

Whether you prefer a minimal or a more extravagant look, bridal kundan jewellery is the perfect accessory to achieve the desired effect. Its versatility allows you to choose pieces that will perfectly complement your outfit, making you look and feel stunning on your special day. So, make sure to include bridal kundan jewellery in your wedding ensemble, and take your bridal look to the next level!

What Makes Kundan Jewellery So Special?

  • It's Origins

Kundan jewellery has been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition for centuries. It originated in the southern region of India, where skilled artisans handcrafted each piece of jewellery with great care and precision. These pieces were crafted from pure yellow gold, making them statement pieces that symbolised the opulent and elegant class of society.

  • Intricate Designs and Patterns

The speciality of kundan jewellery lies in its intricate designs and patterns. Each piece is uniquely crafted, often depicting elements such as elephants, horses, queens, and kings, which portray the royal class. Kundan jewellery is perfect for any bridal outfit, with a wide range of heavy design options to choose from. You can find these pieces adorned with various types of stones and embellishments, such as rubies, emeralds, and pearls, which add a splash of colour to the gold-coloured jewellery. This not only enhances the entire design but also adds a contrasting element to it.

  • A Reflection of Indian Culture and Tradition

Wearing bridal kundan jewellery is a great way to connect with your Indian roots, as it perfectly depicts the rich and vibrant culture of India. It represents the heritage and history of the country and its people. When selecting your bridal kundan jewellery, make sure to choose pieces that complement your wedding outfit and achieve the perfect look. With its timeless elegance and unique appeal, kundan jewellery is a must-have for any Indian bride.

How to Check Kundan Quality?

When purchasing antique kundan bridal jewellery, it's crucial to ensure that the quality of the jewellery is up to par. If you plan on buying real gold or silver jewellery, always check the hallmarks and certificates of authenticity for the jewellery. Furthermore, you can also ask for certificates of all the stones and embellishments used in the kundan jewellery to verify its authenticity. It's worth noting that the making charges for real kundan jewellery can vary significantly based on the design and elements used in the making process.

On the other hand, if you're considering purchasing artificial or gold-polished kundan jewellery, the quality of materials used and the design of the jewellery determine its cost. You can assess the quality of kundan jewellery by checking its structural stability. Avoid purchasing pieces that are overly lightweight or brittle, as they may break easily.

How to Maintain Kundan Jewellery?

To maintain the beauty and longevity of kundan jewellery, it's important to handle it with care. Since kundan jewellery is delicate, especially if it has embellishments and motifs attached to it, it can easily break or lose its embellishments, ultimately reducing its value. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your kundan jewellery:

  1. Avoid exposing your kundan jewellery to water, perfume, and other chemicals. Kundan jewellery pieces are coated with gold foil, and contact with these elements may cause tarnish or corrosion.
  2. Store your kundan jewellery in a dry place, away from sunlight. Ideally, you should use special jewellery box covers lined with a velvet cloth. The smooth and soft velvet cloth helps prevent scratches on the kundan jewellery.
  3. Regularly clean your kundan jewellery with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt buildup. This will help preserve the natural shine of the jewellery.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your kundan jewellery lasts for a long time and continues to look as beautiful as ever.

Does Kundan Have Resale Value?

When it comes to Kundan jewellery's resale value, it largely depends on the type of jewellery that you have purchased. If you have bought real gold or silver jewellery with authentic stones and embellishments, then it has a high resale value. However, you may not be able to recover the entire cost of the making charges, and the resale value will depend on the current market value of gold or silver. As a result, most people do not purchase Kundan jewellery as a means of investment.

If you have bought artificial Kundan jewellery, the resale value will decrease over time. It depends on the condition of the jewellery and the current market demand for it. If the Kundan is in good condition and is a sought-after item, it may have resale value. However, if it is damaged or outdated, its resale value may be low or non-existent. It's always a good idea to research similar items and their prices before attempting to resell Kundan. Nevertheless, Kundan jewellery is timeless and can be reused in the future to achieve an authentic Indian look.

Elevate Your Bridal Look with Antique Kundan Jewellery

Antique Kundan bridal jewellery is a timeless statement piece that adds a touch of royalty and tradition to any bridal outfit. With its intricate designs and patterns, it's easy to find a piece that perfectly complements your bridal attire. However, when purchasing real gold or silver Kundan jewellery, it's crucial to ask for certificates of authenticity from your jeweller to ensure you're getting the real deal. This will not only protect you from fraud but also boost the resale value of your jewellery. So, make sure to add this elegant and sophisticated piece to your jewellery collection and cherish it for a lifetime.

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