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Add a Touch of Zest to Your Appeal by Adorning the Pair of Zircon Bangles 

For centuries, bangles have played a significant role in Indian jewellery, adding a touch of elegance to every outfit. Traditionally, they were made from materials such as stones, shells, and copper. Zircon bangles have become popular now, combining contemporary style with intricate design.

Zircon is a gemstone that offers a beautiful and affordable alternative to diamonds, making it a favored choice among jewellery enthusiasts. The delicate features and intricate finishes of zircon bangles add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making them perfect for weddings and other special occasions. These bangles blend modern and traditional styles, creating a timeless, elegant look that turns heads.

Make a Scintillating Statement with Zircon Bangles

Zircon bangles are designed to resemble diamonds and are easy to care for due to their scratch-free features. We have a huge collection of these finer pieces, built with world-class technology and superior craftsmanship, to give them a high-end appeal. Our Zircon bangles designs will be a treat for the jewellery collection of those who admire its diamond-like brilliant structure.

Besides being a great option for daily wear, zircon stone bangles are an excellent addition that flatters your appearance. With the right option, you can enhance your style quotient and look stunning with no matte on the type of occasion.

Explore the Exquisite Varieties of Zircon Bangles 

As a part of the trending jewellery collection, there is an exquisite range of zirconia bangles for women that will add glamour to women, making them one of the finest fashion choices. Here are some of the best varieties of Zircon bangles with different colours, plating, and polishing features from our premium collection.

Gold-Polished Zircon Bangles

These zircon bangles capture and always go well with modern and traditional styles. Handset with vibrant designs against a high-gold plating will give you a luxury appeal. It is a beautiful pair of sets that will sustain their charm and relevance for years.

Rose-Gold Polished Zircon Bangles

This exclusive pair of zircon stone bangles will be your fashion companion and match every type of attire. The detailed design makes them a prized possession to be adorned for every occasion.

Copper-alloyed Zircon bangles

Bedecked in elegance and glided in brilliance, zircon bangles with copper alloy are crafted with unmatched beauty and perfection. This impeccable pair of bangles exude sophistication and serves as a symbol of refined taste in modern jewellery.

Ruby Zircon Bangles

Every detail of this ruby pair of zircon bangles is thoughtfully designed to perfection with intricate details. The ultimate piece of luxury bangles glitters throughout the day, allowing you to experience the magic of precious ruby stones.

Rhodium-Plated Zircon Bangles

The rich plating of the rhodium element complements the breathtaking allure of these dazzling zircon bangles. The perfect pair will enhance your captivating aura as you don yourself.

Grey Zircon Bangles

Enliven your grandeur dream with these minimalistic grey-coloured zircon bangles. This spellbinding bangles set is crafted meticulously to make an unforgettable statement on every special occasion. 

Steps to Choose the Perfect Zircon Bangles

Choosing the perfect zirconia bangles can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. We have a sparkling collection of zircon bangles known for their quality craftsmanship and exquisite designs. Here are some tips to get the best one from our store.

Know the Different Grades of Zircon Bangles 

The first thing you should know before buying zircon bangles is about the different grades available, where each indicates the quality of the stones. Therefore, research the grade to get the one with extraordinary diamond-like clarity.

Type of Metal Setting in Zircon Bangles

Make sure to consider the metal setting of the zircon jewellery before finalizing your purchase. You can either choose plated jewellery or a precious metal-adorned jewel in the zirconia setting. 

For instance, Plating jewellery over metals like rhodium is an attractive yet affordable option. On the other hand, you can also opt for 92.5 silver bangles with zircon to get a rich look. 

Keep in Mind the Occasion

Our zirconia bangles come in different styles that reflect your style and enhance your overall appeal. Therefore you need to consider the type of occasion before choosing the one. If you want to keep it simple, pick the plain and elegant gold-polished zircon bangles that will blend with your everyday wear. 

If you want a grandeur touch, go for silver zircon bangles with a solitaire stone setting to get the radiant finishing touch. 

Consider the Colours of Zircon Stones 

You can also choose the best zircon bangles based on the colour of the stones. Though clear and colourless jewellery is the most sought-after piece as it resembles diamonds, the bangles come in various colours to enhance your fashion style. Go for the coloured zircon bangles that will pop up your ensemble for a chic look. 

Shop for the Classic Zircon Bangles Online

In the popular Indian tradition, bangles symbolize prosperity and elegance to women who have adorned them. Sometimes, it could be a real struggle to find the right jewellery. Are you looking for the perfect destination to purchase contemporary zircon bangles online? Then you have landed in the right place.

At Kushals, we offer an extensive and exclusive collection of zircon bangles. Instead of visiting the shop among battling traffic, we have your favourite bangles delivered to your doorstep. We take pride in being the best zircon bangle provider and strive to provide an exceptional experience for all our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I wear silver zircon bangles to work?

Yes, you can wear the silver zircon bangles to work and even to a grand occasion. They are superior in quality and embellished with ethnic stone works.

Q2. How do I measure my bangle size?

Bangle size should be measured based on the size of the hand and not by measuring the wrist alone. Close your fist and measure the size from the first knuckle to the last to find the accurate size for bangles.

Q3. Are there any varieties of zircon bangles?

Various designs are available in zircon bangles, including gold-polished bangles, 92.5 silver bangles with zircon, rhodium, or copper-alloy plated zircon bangles. If you are searching for a shop offering such a wide range of collections, then Kushal is the perfect option.