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Nail Your Brand-New Look with a Breathtaking Nose Ring

A nose ring is a traditional yet trendy piece of jewellery that can be adorned on your nostrils. Despite being a small piece of jewellery, it has a special place in the jewellery collection for every woman. It is also regarded as a symbol of status. While these days, wearing the latest nose ring design has become a symbol of a fashion statement than a display of wealth

At Kushal, we have various exclusive nose ring designs, shapes, and sizes. Our intricately designed silver and material nath designs are studded with stunningly embellished stones. The amazing accessory will accentuate your facial features, giving you an admirable glow and sensual appeal on special occasions. 

Jazz up Your Style Statement with the Dazzling Nose Nath Collection

Nose piercing with a new nath design is a body art available in India for thousands of years. We have many cool and contemporary nose pins patterns available that will improve your style quotient to a new level. 

We have the latest nose rings designed with a locking mechanism that you can wear without actually piercing your nose. Small hoops and studded large bridal nose ring designs also perfectly match your traditional ensemble during weddings and festive occasions. 

Explore the Latest Nose Ring Design Online

Nose rings are one of the popular jewellery after earrings, and we have an extensive collection where you can find the exact style, design, and style your heart desires. Let us dive into the contemporary collection of our nose ring models.

  • Zircon Nose Ring
  • A small nose ring for a bride encrusted with ravishing zircon stones is known as the showstopper in the modern era. The jewel is elegant and adds charm to your appeal when matched with the minimalistic design of jhumkas and necklaces.

  • 92.5 Silver Nath
  • This silver nath for the bride is a vintage collection with intricate details and stunning words that will add elegance to your bridal ensemble. It holds every kind of style in it, be it a traditional look or a trendy style. You can have it all in one go.

  • Peacock-adorned Nose Ring
  • An antique nose ring encrusted with a peacock pattern is classy and stylish for a bridal ensemble. If you have a long or broader nose, this nath is w complete the stellar look.

  • Flora Patterned Nose Ring
  • This gold-plated and ruby enamelled nose ring appears to be ethnic, making brides look and feel gorgeous. The floral pattern will be an excellent match for your bridal lehenga with vibrant colour tones.

  • Antique Temple Nose Ring
  • This mid-size antique nose pin is another beautiful, traditional jewel, a perfect choice to style your bridal look. Pair it with a mang teeka with similar details, and you are all set to rock the stage. 

  • Kundan Nose Nath
  • It is the perfect traditional nose ring model designed with a chain, making it a show stunner. Pairing this kundan jewel with other minimalistic accessories will add charm to your traditional appeal. 

  • Traditional Maharashtrian Nath
  • This traditional piece of jewellery is a classic favourite for old-school women. The golden-polished nath is adorned with scintillating stones that go wonderfully well with the traditional bridal outfit. You can wear this beautiful accessory to weddings and festive celebrations.

    Embark a Fantastic Fashion Statement With the Perfect Nose Ring

    A nose ring has an inevitable place in a woman’s treasure box, which can instantly change the look of your face. Hence you have to be careful while choosing the perfect one that will make you look chic without being too noisy. Below are some tips for embracing the exquisite nose ring collection at Kushal.

  • Select the Right Type
  • Classic and traditional nose rings are always in style. However, too many varieties are available to make memorable moments on your big day. Some of them are,

    Studded nose pin: It is an all-time favourite, known for its simplicity and versatile nature. This nose pin is created to match any outfit, whether saree or jeans. 

    Hoop nose rings: Hoops are the ideal choice to achieve the everyday simplistic look, and they come in various sizes and shapes. The pattern complements both traditional and western outfits, allowing it to make a bold statement.

    L nose pin: L-shaped nose pin or half hoop nose rings are suitable for every face type and is usually studded with zircon stones. 

  • Mind the Material
  • Nose ring jewellery is designed in almost every type of material. However, silver and gold are the highly preferred options for polishing. They are the pure, durable, and safest option to carve a perfect nose ring that will make you look marvellous. 

  • Pick the Personal Style Preferences
  • Your personal preferences play a significant role in choosing the best nose ring. A stud or traditional nath are the most common options. However, you don’t need to limit your wishes. 

    The type of ornaments can be simple or grandeur and designed with specific shapes. You can also opt for the jewel adorned with gems and stones. 

    Buy Your Favourite New Nath Design at Kushal

    In today’s era, modern women, despite their religion, culture, and tradition, dream of flaunting their nose rings on special occasions. With nose piercing getting popular among the young generation, designers are developing a more cool, trendy nose stud collection. 

    At Kushal, we have an exquisite collection of nath nose rings catering to specific needs and tastes. From classic plain collections to the latest gem selection, we ensure to carve nose rings with standard quality, allowing you to express your style beautifully. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Does piercing a nose ring hurt?

    Nose ring piercing is a simple and quick process. The process is completed within 5-10 minutes, and people may experience mild pain.

    Q2. What are the varieties of nose rings?

    Nose rings come in various styles, including peacock or floral patterned nose rings, Kundan nath, Antique nose nath, and scintillating silver nose rings.

    Q3. Can I wear a nose ring for western outfits?

    Besides being a delicate piece of jewellery, nose rings possess fabulous features to add a little oomph factor to your traditional or western outfit.