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Nose Ring Designs At Kushal’s

Indian women are blessed with plenty of traditional jewellery to indulge in adorning themselves, the way every piece of ornament enrich their beauty is simply wow! A nose ring is one of these varieties of jewellery, it is an adornment worn on either side of the nose to add a sparkling highlight to the centre of the face. Historically, women used to have their nose pierced before marriage to wear the nose rings that they get as a gift of luck on their wedding day. No bride is ever completely dressed without an elaborate nose ring or nath accompanying her bridal jewellery.

Naths, a little elaborate nose rings with a chain that runs till the ears are believed to signify the marital status of a woman in few parts of India. On the other hand, clip-on nose rings is a fancy addition to this segment of jewellery that is loved by women of all age, regardless of their culture. Most women in the present time wear these nose rings as a mark of beauty, simply to highlight their look.

3 Must-Have Nose Ring Designs For A Every Woman

Clip-On Nose Rings: Among all the other nose ring designs, this particular one is the most loved simply because of its easy usability. This style of nose rings doesn’t need any piercing and can be worn by women of all age, wear these on your casual denim day for a different look!

Sparky Zircon Nose Rings: Your nose ring collection is never complete without a sparkling piece, isn’t it? Sport a zircon nose ring that matches your earring to add a shining highlight that is sure to steal attention.

92.5 Silver Oxidized Nose Rings: Oxidized nose rings are pure 92.5 silver nose rings in dark polish with a detailed design element. This nose rings that host gradient hues of dark and light is loved by women and is a perfect bold style nose ring that will suit every skin tone.

Bridal Exclusive Naths for Brides & Bridesmaid In The Spotlight. 

Silver Temple Nose Ring: These 92.5 pure silver temple naths are non-piercing screw press nose pins that are the absolute choice for the South Indian Bride.

Pearl Naths: The classic pearl naths feature a big hoop that can be pressed on to the nose with a pearl beaded chain that runs till the ears adorning the cheeks.

Antique Bridal Naths: As the name suggests these ornate naths are bridal specific with antique engraves and stones embellishing the Nath that adorns the bride beautifully!

Casual Nose Ring Designs At Kushal’s

Simple Nose Rings: A plain nose ring with a small single stone studded on it is the best one, the minimal style of it makes it ideal for an everyday look. 

Charm Nose Rings: These small nose rings with a tiny charm like a star or flower on them, bedecked with semi-precious stone in clip-on style is entirely the best choice for the carefree girl within you!

Floral Nose Ring: A nose ring featuring a simple floral design with colourful stones is ideal for the contemporary look. A modern-day nose ring for every lady.

Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery is always in a constant zeal to bring its audience the most trending pieces of jewellery with a small guide on designs and their segments to help you choose the ideal accessory that is the best suit for your personality. 

Check out our exclusive nose rings and naths collection for Bridal and wedding. Silver nose ring, Kundan nose ring & antique nose rings available. We offer 7 days of free exchange or return. COD available. we are Delivering International.

Please Note: Naths Are One Of The Non-Returnable Products In Consideration To Personal Hygiene.
Your Health And Personal Hygiene Is Our Priority.