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Buy The Most Trendy And Stunning 92.5 Silver Bangles Online

Today jewellery makers have the passion, expertise, and experience necessary to craft something jaw-droppingly beautiful in the silver jewellery section. So, if you have never thought of adding a pair of exquisite silver Kangan to your jewellery collection, it’s time to check it out. 

You can admire the creativity and quality artisans put into it when they make silver bangles. Yes! You can find Silver bangles of the highest quality, perfect sizes, and individuality and be mesmerized by them.

You will be surprised to know nothing is worth more than an intricately designed silver bangle you can pass on to future generations. Yes! 92.5 silver bangles are durable, have a vintage and antique look, and have all the qualities to become perfect heirloom pieces. 

The best thing about silver is that it develops a natural patina over the years that adds to its beauty. A rustic old silver bracelet still has more visual appeal than a newly purchased bangle of other metal. 

Capture All Eyes With Opulent Silver Bangles

Silver beauties like a 92.5 silver bracelet look good with any dress. Yes! Due to its silver and white hue, it looks gorgeous with both an ethnic and western outfit. Moreover, the silver color makes it perfect for designing traditional and trendy jewellery with various gemstones. 

You can find antique silver bangles with gemstones including diamonds, Rubies, Sapphire, and Emerald too! Silver bangles complement almost all color stones, which makes them eye-pleasing and captivating. 

Apart from the above gemstones, jewellery makers use semi-precious gemstones like Amber, peals, Beads, aquamarine, etc., to create unique silver bangles. So, buying a silver bracelet embedded with any of the above gemstones is worth it if you are a colorful stone lover.

Let Awe-Inspiring Silver Bangles Enhance Your Overall Beauty

Hand jewellery is not merely an add-on to compliment your look. It shows your personality, enhances the beauty, and completes your overall look. 

Therefore, if you don’t know how to make your wrists stand out while wearing a great dress, don’t worry! At Kushals, you will get pure 92.5 Silver Bangles to look stunning. Check out some options you can try out now! 

Oxidized Polished Silver Bangles with Stones 

Oxidized silver bangles decorated with soft blue enameled beats or any other synthetic stone have an antique design appeal and deliver a traditional look. It can be a perfect choice for women for family gatherings, wedding ceremonies, and other festive functions. 

Spinal & Zircon Silver Bangles 

The silver bangle with various designs and shapes with stones and gemstones, including Spinal & Zircon, looks best on every girl. These bangles are perfect for weddings and other occasions, and you can wear them to parties and date nights. 

The simplicity of these bangles is the epitome of minimalistic fashion. Therefore, try them if you are wearing a kurta and jeans too! 

Pure Silver Bangles Without Stones 

If you are not a fan of colorful stones, pure silver bangles without any gemstones are available in various shapes, styles, and designs. You can buy silver bangle designs like twisted bangles, hinged bangles, and zigzag bangles of your choice. Both thick and thin bangles are available.

Engraved Silver Bangles 

Engraved silver bangles are another style that is popular among ladies who are looking for silver Kangan. 

Yes! Engraved silver bangles set come with elegant leaf and floral patterns and other designs. They are shiny, rich, and oxidized. Plus, they give your hand a royal regal look. 

These engraved bangles are hand-made with incredible craftsmanship and suit all occasions. The intricate hand-made leaf and flower designs on the bangle look exquisite and make wearers look attractive. 

Gold-Plated Silver Bangles

Most Indian women prefer wearing gold bangles when it comes to wedding functions. However, gold is expensive, and you have another option where you don't need to spend a humongous amount. Yes! Gold-plated silver bangles look no less than a gold bangle and are affordable too! 

It is available in various designs and comes with meenakari designs. So, next time you think of bangle shopping, check our online store for a 92.5 silver bracelet price that is gold plated and be ready to be stunned. It's cheaper than you think!

Temple Bangles with 92.5 Silver as the Base Metal

If you are looking for hand jewellery that looks traditional and can bring peace and prosperity, temple bangles with silver are best for you. These bangles are cheaper than gold ornaments and come in various designs. 

You can also pick bangle designs like deities engraved in bangles or bangles with swans, flowers, and peacocks! You can buy Temple bangles with synthetic stones from our online store if you like a little more bling factor.

Find Exquisite Traditional and Modern Silver Bangle Designs Here!

Women love wearing silver jewellery, and there are several reasons behind it. Research shows wearing silver jewellery helps cure anxiety, regulates body heat, and brings prosperity to the wearer's family. However, that’s not the sole reason why ladies prefer it. 

Women love them because they are convenient and stylish. So, at Kushals, we bring customers beautiful, inspiring, and quality silver bangles to adore your wrists. Our Designer 92.5 silver bangles are part of our enormous assortment of Silver Rawa Work Bangles, multi Stone Bangles, ruby bangles in special oxidized plating, royal Zircon Bangles, Handcrafted Silver and Pearl Bangles, etc. 

Moreover, Silver bangles look best with traditional and contemporary dressing, and one can wear them to any casual outings, festivals, wedding events, and even in the office. So, you can scroll through our massive collection fit for modern-day women who want a classic addition to any jewellery collection. To make your antique silver bangles long-lasting, do not forget to store them carefully in a cotton or velvet pouch. 

Remember, keeping them away from perfumes, extreme heat, and moisture will prevent them from tarnishing. So, why wait? Take a sneak peek at our silver bangle section now, and find your dream bangles.