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The Best Hair Brooches

Looking for a way to elevate your everyday outfits? Add some drama and design elements with the perfect accessory! A hair brooch is a must-have item for every jewellery box. Not only does it add a unique touch to your look, but it also keeps your hair in place and helps maintain your hairstyle throughout the day. Discover the endless possibilities of this versatile accessory and how it can instantly grab everyone's attention.

How Did Hair Brooches Become a Fashion Trend?

The use of hair brooches has a long history in India, with women traditionally wearing floral hair ornaments. It is also a popular symbol in depictions of Indian goddesses and historical queens. Over time, these floral ornaments evolved into larger, more elaborate Juda pins used to secure the hair in place. Today, hair brooches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a fashionable accessory to add a touch of elegance to any hairstyle.

Types of Hair Brooches That You Must Know of

Whether you are looking for hair brooches for a wedding or for a hairstyle, there are many different types of hair brooches that you must know of before moving into the market to buy one. Here are some of the popular types of hair brooches:

  • Classic Juda Brooch
  • A classic Juda brooch is often a circular brooch that is attached directly to the centre part of the Juda. One can find many different designs within them, such as mandalas. Popularly, one can also find a classic Juda brooch with a main central element that is the focus of the brooch, with other elements of design associated with it.

  • Jhumka Brooch
  • If you are in search of a hair brooch that offers you volume and is trendy at the same time, you can go for a jhumka brooch. These are available in shades of yellow gold and oxidized silver. In case you are planning to go with a traditional Indian boho look, a silver oxidized jhumka brooch is the way to go. Many jhumak brooches often have mirror work and ghungroos attached to them, which help in completing the look. The jhumkas are mainly available in an umbrella shape, but one can also find them in pyramidal and cuboidal shapes.

  • Dangler Brooch
  • For all the open hairstyles, dangler brooches are the perfect way to add more drama to your regular plain hair. They help you to achieve a heavier Indian look by adding in a heavy dangler brooch. If you wish to achieve a simpler look, go for a minimal dangler brooch such as a simple chain design. Most dangler brooches have several attachments. Modern-day dangler brooches also have charms attached to them.

  • Chotis Hair Brooches
  • The choti hair brooches are popularly used in the southern region of India. Here, women attach the choti hair brooches to their long plaited hair to achieve a heavy Indian look. They are available in many designs and shapes and also in lighter variants to achieve a minimal look. The choti hair brooches are popularly worn by South Indian brides on their wedding day as it helps in achieving a heavy look.

  • Hair Brooch Pin
  • Hair brooch pins often have minimal designs and are attached to a pin. They are mainly used to achieve minimal looks with light accessories while keeping the hair in good shape and style. Hair brooch pins are a versatile accessory that can be used to style hair in a variety of ways, such as pinning back bangs or securing a small section of hair. They are also a great choice for adding a subtle touch of sparkle or colour to a hairstyle without overwhelming the overall look. Whether you prefer classic metal pins or more playful designs, there is sure to be a hair brooch pin that matches your personal style.

  • Hair Brooch for a Bun
  • If you are looking for a hair brooch for a bun, go for a hair brooch which has an attached U-pin. This pin will help you secure your hair bun, while the design on the hair brooch will help you add more elements and accessorize your plain old bun. Hair brooches for a bun are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colours.

    Must-have Hair Brooches

    With different types of events, such as weddings, parties, or corporate get-togethers, there is a need for different types of hair brooches. It is important to choose a hair brooch that suits your event and personality and aligns perfectly with your outfit. These are the hair brooches that you must own which go with every event and outfit:

  • Antique Hair Brooch
  • Antique hair brooches are the perfect pick to pair with traditional Indian outfits. They are the perfect hair brooch for a wedding. These hair brooches are available in mainly yellow gold and oxidized silver colours as they offer a more authentic look. Most antique hair brooches have carvings of elements that represent the rich history of India, such as elephants, horses, kings, and queens.

  • Zircon Hair Brooch
  • Zirconia is a delicate material that is also very sparkly. These hair brooches are mostly available in shades of silver, rose gold or with a tinge of pink and are mainly worn with Western or Indo-western outfits. Zirconia hair brooches are popularly studded with mirror work or pearls that offer a touch of grace.

  • Kundan Hair Brooch
  • Kundan hair brooches are often correlated with the rich history of India, as it has been popularly worn by Indian women for a long time. These hair brooches are often studded with semi-precious, uncut or polished stones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc. Kundan hair brooches are popularly available in the shade of yellow gold and are worn with traditional Indian outfits, such as silk sarees and suits.

    Elevate Your Look With These Stunning Hair Brooches!

    With a variety of designs, colours, and materials, hair brooches are an easy and versatile way to add a touch of elegance and style to any hairdo. Whether you're going for a chic and minimal look or a bold and statement-making style, there's a hair brooch pin out there for everyone. So why not update your jewellery collection today and give your hair the extra sparkle it deserves? Shop now!