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Changeable Bangles From Kushal's

Bangles, an essential of Women’s jewellery, is also an ornament that gets to spark on her wrists all day long. Let it be a function, a wedding or even an everyday look, bangles are always a part of her ensemble. It is an ornament that has been cherished and celebrated since the time one can remember and is adored for the resounding melody of clink it creates when paired with a set of glass bangles. The way it adds elegance to one’s hand is just remarkable and for an exceptional accessory like this, we need a peculiarity to distinguish it from the basic bangles.
We need a design that sets it apart from all the other bangles in our jewellery box.

This is why Kushal’s brings you the Changeable Bangles Designs that flaunts an elaborate and ornate 92.5 Silver Temple bangle pendant attached to a colourful fibre bangle. The unique, creative design of these bangles lets you match the colour of your outfit. Whichever colour your attire is of, with the Changeable Bangles Set you will always be ready to flair it in fashion. 

What are Changeable Bangles?

Changeables Bangles is a creative style new accessory that features an elaborate pendant crafted from 92.5 pure silver in temple fashion with authentic motifs and stone embellishments. These bangle pendants have openings on either side to clasp with the ends of the colourful fibre bangle, which lets you change the fibre bangle based on the choice of your colour. Just detach, choose and attach to change the colour of it!

3 Ways To Style Changeable Bangles

This must-have bangle is an ideal addition to your jewellery box as it helps you avoid the clutter of multiple bangles. Just one set of colourful fibre bangles along with your favourite bangle pendants and you are all ready for various looks, from grand to graceful!

1) Add It As An Highlight! Arrange it in the centre of the set as it gives a queenly vibe. And flaunt the set with your silk saree or lehenga on the day of festivities to set your look apart.
2) Complete The Set of basic bangles by wearing changeable bangles on either side. The ideal way to enrich your traditional look is by adding a grandness of these bangle pendants to it.
3) Wear It Alone As A Statement! On the days you want to keep your look subtly graceful, these bangles are a perfect go-to! With a simple yet distinguishing appeal, you are all set for a graceful look in the colour of your mood.

The ornate changeable bangles are a perfect addition to your traditional & ethnic look. Style it with a Kurti, Saree or lehenga they match well with all!

Different Bangle Pendant Designs & Sets @ Kushal’s

Kemp Bangle Pendant - These pendants host intricate kemp stonework on them giving them an ancient and royal appeal. The design inspired by royal courts these bangle pendants are ideal to match with temple necklaces.
Embellished Bangle Pendant - As the name reads these bangle pendants are adorned with stone embellishments to add a highlight. These are subtle yet captivating designs ideal to wear for a graceful look.
Temple Motif Bangle Pendant - Likewise these bangle pendants feature an authentic temple motif at the centre of the design giving it traditional weightage. These designs are ideal for ceremonious occasions.
Colourful Bangles Set - The essential of Changeable Bangles Set, the Colourful Fibre bangles! These are a must-have to wear a changeable bangle as it comes with an open end to let you fix it to the pendant.

Price Ranges Between Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000