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Stand Out of the Crowd with Antique Earring Designs 

Whether you are a college-going student or have an important presentation with your boss at the office, it matters to have a great impression. A simple earring of antique jewellery can play wonders and change your regular boring clothes into a statement outfit. One of the best parts of antique earrings designs is that it suits all types of clothes, traditional and western. They help in adding the extra element of sparkle and structure. Antique earrings can help grab everyone's attention to your face and make you more confident about yourself.

You can never go wrong when it comes to earrings with antique jewellery. They are easily available in all sizes and different colours. These jewellery pieces are a perfect blend of olden times and modern-day designs. From precious stones to silver, gold and oxidised jewellery, they are available in a wide collection. 

How to select an antique earring design for yourself?

Selecting a piece of jewellery that compliments your outfit and face structure is necessary. Since it will grab a lot of attention, it is important to ensure you have picked the perfect design. Here are some jewellery designs and ideas on how you can pull them off to look more elegant and attractive.

Antique big earring designs 

Antique big earring designs are the trend of this season. With the summer season coming up, it is time to tie your hair up in a bun and put on some big earrings that hang down to your neck. Not only will this help accentuate your neckline, but it also helps grab everyone's attention. While many may feel that marvellous large-size earrings can only be worn on special occasions, that is so untrue. Here are some designs that can be worn at all times:

  • Oxidised antique earrings: Antique earring jhumka designs in silver oxidised are the best pick if you want to go for a traditional Indian vibe. They fit perfectly well with a kurta or Patiala set. The most popular design is the umbrella design.

    These days, you can also find them with mirror work and other embellishments that make them more attractive and lightweight at the same time. If you wish to spice things up with your western outfit, pair this with a kurti or a traditional jacket with jeans.
  • Golden antique earrings: Golden-coloured antique earrings are the perfect pick for pairing them with ethnic wear. They work best with silks and sarees as they look rich and lustrous. Most of these earrings have designs that offer traditional vibes and connect with our Indian roots.

    Elements such as the moon, sun, elephants, horses, king and queen are commonly found in golden antique earrings. This represents many popular tales and the history of rich and ancient India. For a pop of colour, you can look for antique earring designs with pink stones and antique earring green. Semi-precious stones can also be added, such as Ruby, sapphire and emerald, that help uplift the entire look.

Antique earring design small size

If you are looking for something to style up your outfit while keeping it chic and classy at the same time, an antique earring design small size is the way to go. The best part of small designs is there is a vast scope of variety while maintaining intricate design options. Small-sized earrings are perfect for everyday wear, which makes it more preferable. People will surely be in awe when they notice the many design options available in small sizes. Here are some things that you must try:

  • Small-size antique earring desi: The small-size antique earring desi picks are perfect for an everyday look. The best options to go for are silver oxidised or polished. Silver polished jewellery resists corrosion and, thus, can easily be worn for a longer time period.

    You can also go for golden-coloured small-sized earnings that offer a royal look. Since they are small-sized, it is easy to maintain and carry them regularly. Antique earring designs in small sizes can also include ghungroos that help add a little sound. They are perfect for every type of outfit, traditional or western.
  • Earrings with embellishments: When it comes to small-size antique earrings, there are many options to choose from. Especially if you want to buy one with embellishments, these items help to add colour and uplift the entire mood of the antique jewellery.

    Originally, antique earrings were available in a single polish, gold or silver. These often lose their element as it is a single colour and is very monotonous. On the other hand, small embellishments can help complement them and make them pop out. Here are some of the embellishments that you can try:
  • Pearls: Pearls are a luxurious add-on to a monotonous-looking earring. They are lustrous and filled with colour. The most commonly available pearl is in white. At the same time, people can also find them in different colours. The black-coloured pearls are the rarest of all.
  • Designer-cut Mirrors: Mirrors are a popular add-on as embarrassments to small-sized antique earrings. They help provide the extra touch of sparkle that can completely change the mood of these earrings. Mirror cuts can be available in different shapes and sizes, such as circles, diamonds, squares, teardrops, etc. They can also help change the earring's design, which is often the centre of attraction.


Antique earrings are the biggest asset in your jewellery box. They are perfect for all types of occasions and moods. They also go well with a wide variety of outfits, traditional or modern. You can also put them on whether you are in the mood for a chic or boho vibe. They are available in a wide range of sizes, designs and patterns. Antique earrings are usually available in gold or silver shades, but you can also find them with embellishments.