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All You Need To Know About Temple Earrings

Authentic Indian jewellery best arrives in the form of Temple jewellery. This type of jewellery and temple earrings derives the idea of design from the Indian gods and Goddesses. Through temple jewellery earrings, Indians try to connect with their cultural roots and values while offering their devotion to the Indian gods and Goddesses. Goddess Laksmi, who brings wealth and prosperity, is commonly added to these jewellery ideas.

Although traditionally, temple jewellery was made in golden colour or out of pure gold, today; one can find many variations that help go with current dressing styles and designs. Since the colour gold did not go with every outfit and skin type, there came a need for some change. For instance, today, one can popularly find silver temple earrings unavailable in the olden days. 

Evolution of Creating Temple Jhumka Earrings

Originally, the temple jhumkas were made by Indian artists, who sat down to carve designs and elements on the temple jewellery. This helped add details to the jewellery while making it authentic. As they were purely hand-made, all the pieces made were authentic. Also, there was a limit on repetition. Thus, it could be said that every design was unique and one of a kind. Since the designs were limited, it also brought exclusivity to the market. This made the women feel proud of their temple jewellery earrings. 

However, today, many processes have switched from manual work to machine work. This does reduce the efforts of human involvement, reduces the scope of errors, and increases efficiency. But this also means that the designs can be easily replicated. Even today, you can easily find many artists who make temple jewellery alone. When buying temple earrings online, consider the detailed carving and design structure. Unique designs can help you stand out from the crowd and get everyone's attention.

Unlike the olden days, one can also find silver temple earrings today. These are less expensive as compared to the traditional gold ones. At the same time, since they are in a different colours, they can easily be paired with more types of outfits. Silver jhumkas with temple designs are very popular among college girls as they are classy and help add extra volume to the everyday boring outfit. Silver jhumkas also come in pure silver or silver coated with gold. They are inexpensive yet help maintain the traditional golden look.

Why Opt for Temple Jewellery Earrings?

Temple jewellery is the original form of Indian jewellery. This form of art hails from Southern India. The artists here succeeded in combining the love of jewellery and the women with their devotion to God. Ideally, Temple jewellery was made in pure yellow gold, making it a valuable asset. Thus, Goddess Lakshmi was popularly carved on the jewellery pieces. It was thus believed that this jewellery brought good luck. Women who wore temple jewellery were often made more recognisable in society, which gave them a unique sense of power.

If you are planning to wear Indian, like a saree, silk suit or lehenga, temple jewellery is the perfect pick to add volume, structure and design to your outfit. Other than design, temple jewellery can also have many embellishments added to it. Different sizes and patterns of coloured gemstones, such as emerald, Ruby, sapphire, etc., help add a pop of colour. Since these are small in size and surrounded by a lot of yellow gold, these designs often stand out and catch everyone's attention.

Popularly used Material in Temple Earrings

When buying temple earrings online, you must be aware of all the materials that are being used to make these earrings. Besides the designs and type of work done on the temple jewellery, the material used plays a major role in defining the pricing structure. Here are some of the popularly used materials:

  • Pure Yellow Gold: Pure yellow 22 Carat gold is ideally used to make temple earrings. This helps in adding more delicate designs and lustre to the jewellery piece. This form of temple jewellery is the most expensive one. However, it was the most commonly available form of temple jewellery. It was originally made in South India.
  • Silver Temple Jewellery earrings: Since the gold rates began to increase tremendously, the jewellery artists saw the need to replace gold with some other precious element. This is one silver that was incorporated into the making of temple jewellery. Originally, gold was plated over the silver temple jewellery to maintain the authentic look. However, nowadays, people also prefer wearing real silver earrings for temple jewellery as it offers a different colour.
  • Stones and Embellishments: As the original temple earrings jewellery was made only of pure yellow gold, there came a need to introduce more elements that could help make the jewellery more exciting and colourful. Thus, gemstones and other embellishments were added to the jewellery pieces. These also helped in adding more designs and patterns. Some of the popular stones are:
  • Ruby: These are reddish maroon-coloured stones.
  • Emerald: These are bluish-coloured stones.
  • Pearls: These are whitish-coloured stones. Pearls are available in shades of cream, pink and black.

Most temple jewellery artists use uncut stones for a more authentic and realistic look. 


Authentic temple jewellery from South India was made from pure yellow gold. It had carvings that represented various elements of the temple and figurines of the Hindu deities. Slowly, gemstones and other embellishments were added to this jewellery to make it more attractive and colourful. Since this jewellery was expensive, it is also available in silver options with and without gold plating. While buying temple earrings online, check out the material's authenticity, design, and price.