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Bracelet Designs Online At Kushal’s

When it comes to contemporary fashion, bracelets take a front seat. With their minimal yet attractive appeal, these remain the most sophisticated jewellery of all. Let it be for your formal look or a subtle ethnic look, these trinkets always put the best spin to your outfit. Bracelets being a to-go accessory always charms up your whole semblance in no time. These flexible ornate loops that wrap around the wrists originates from Greek and has a history of embracing hands for over 5000 years.

Bracelets that were initially made of beads, shells and strings from trees became more intricate and crafty in the Bronze Age, with a luxurious touch of precious stone they were also considered a  status symbol in the early years. This treasure of jewellery was incredibly popular in the Victorian Era, with personalized dangling charms and engraved pendants that carried significance. Bracelet chains evolved, later on, to become fancier and fashionable with time and now there are plenty of styles to suit all ages and tastes of women, with designs varieties of stones and motifs that are suitable for various occasions and outfits.

Must-have Premium Bracelets From Kushal’s

Statement Zircon Bracelet, some shines of scintillating stones, is all a woman needs at a cocktail party to shine her way. Featuring elaborate zircon stone works in the rarest of colours, one can style these rare designs of a bracelet alone as a statement or stack up on these for creating their own style.

Swiss Signity Marcasite Bracelet, with a shimmering glow. Be it an office meeting, family dinner, or casual catching up with friends, when it comes to her looks for every errand of the day, a woman needs nothing less than elegance. These bracelets in 92.5 silver with shimmering Swiss Signity Marcasite Stones are surely the way to look effortlessly elegant at these events.

Varieties Of Chic Bracelet Designs At Kushal’s
Price Starts At Just Rs. 380/-

Chain Link Bracelet - As the Gen - Z trend continues, these bracelets are going to rule the fashion. With their astute design, they are seen on almost every fashion influencer and trendsetter these days and are here to stay and style the new-gen girls. Go with these chain link designs, to wear the one in the spotlight!

Charm Bracelet - The classic one that has always stayed close to a woman’s heart, the one with significant charms. This bracelet design that hit fashion in the Victorian era evolved to become an evergreen trend with beaded tiny things. Let your jewellery speak for itself, sport a bracelet with tiny significant charms!

Bangle Bracelet - As you read the name, these are bracelets that are inflexible like bangles and has an opening either with a screw or a retractable claw clasp. Open the bracelet just by pushing the two sides apart from the bangle and close on it onto your wrist. Easy to wear, easy to flaunt, these are ideal for a quick fashion fix!

Lariat Or Slider Bracelet - The name says it all, these bracelets have lariat closure where you just have to slide the lock open to slip the bracelets onto your wrists. To eliminate the hassle that happens with clasp closure, these Lariat closure bracelets are the solution with fashion. Wear it on the go easily, cause these are simple yet chic!

Ethnic Bracelet - A touch of tradition is a better way to spruce up your Kurtis and Saree Look, these bracelets with Indian motifs and divine engraves will add a festive glow to your hands and can be worn at functions and poojas. Just go perfect on the traditional quotient with these Ethnic Bracelets!

Designer Bracelet - When glamorous is the goal, these designer bracelets are saviours, with the intricate engraves and elaborate stonework on stylized motifs these bracelets come a long way when considered pairing with party outfits. Shine it on your wrists with a sequinned dress or a satin gown at a cocktail party.

Cuff Bracelet - Easy to wear ornate bracelets with which you don’t need help on clasping closure. Just twist apart the opening of the bracelet on the narrowest part of your wrist and wiggle it on, and you are ready on the go. For the girl who is always in a hurry, these bracelets are fashion boosters!

Tennis Bracelet - The bracelet that symbolizes eternity with an elegant lineup of sparkling stones. These are minimal yet sophisticated bracelet designs that give a very formal appeal when worn. With a clean uniform look, these are the true company of your formal wear. Let your shine sparkle around your wrist this time!

2 Essential Bracelet Types For A Newly Wedded Bride

Mangalsutra Bracelet, stay traditional but in a trendy way with these Black beaded Mangasutra Bracelets from Kushal’s, these exclusive designs with minimal charms and sparks of zircon stones are ideal to charm the new bride and is a perfect way to amp up your western look on casual days & vacations without compromising on your style.

Kundan Bracelet, the most royal of all are these, with their grand work that looks majestic they add a touch of queenly elegance to the semblance. Pair it with your Salwar Suits in the post-wedding guest visits to leave a royal impression.

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