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Wear the Glorious Waist Belts to Exude Glamour to Your Outfit

As they say, jewellery and accessories are the best friends of every woman, and we couldn’t agree more. Though a woman has different jewellery pieces in her collection, having a perfect Kushal’s waist belt or Kamarabnd will employ the glam factor and improvise their overall appeal.

Kamarbandh is not a new ornament and has existed for over 4000 years. In ancient times, this ornament signifies wealth, prosperity, and wellness. However, it has evolved consistently in style and functionality and is carved to complement any outfit. 

A waist belt will go wonderful with a traditional saree, flowy lehenga, elaborate gown, pencil skirt, and formal shirt. The perfect chic kamarband jewellery will help you carve an unparalleled and bold fashion statement, making every head turn at your side. It's time to try this exquisite Kushal jewellery collection, which occasionally appears with style.

Discover the distinct varieties at Kushal

In earlier days, waist belt jewellery was worn by women adorned with traditional attire. However, thanks to the advances in fashion, this amazing jewellery is now worn even with contemporary and modern outfits.

If you are a bride-to-be, you should consider getting a kamarband that matches and goes great with your wedding attire. At Kushal, we design the alluring waist chain collection to give you a wholesome look. You should opt for Kushal’s Kamarband varieties to stand out.

  • Belly Chain – Enhance your Glamour Quotient
  • The belly chain for a wedding is adorned with stunning stones and pearls that would upgrade your appearance in traditional attire. This belly would be a great match for pastel-coloured lehengas and sarees.

  • Trendy Bridal Kamarband – Tempting Grandeur Appearance
  • This trendy bridal Kamarband jewel is the best option to wear a colourful and contemporary waist belt. It is studded with stones and makes you simply stand out for its glittering appeal. 

  • Antique Hip Belt – Add an Alluring Effect to your Apparel
  • An antique waist chain is a fine, heavily jewelled accessory that perfectly matches traditional silk or banarasi sarees. Some of the scintillating gemstones used in the design of these waist belts are peals, ruby, and crystal.

  • Gold-Plated Waist Belt – Gear up the Glittering Glare 
  • The gold-plated waist belt is an excellent choice for brides, as it is enchantingly embellished with exquisite features and dangling details at its best. The design perfectly defines the beauty of the aesthetic waist chain. You can pair it with an ensemble with golden embroidery elements to enhance its effect.

  • Zircon Waist Belt – Sustaining the Sparkle to Your Style
  • While crafted traditionally, the Zircon-made waist belt is special for women due to its additional oomph factor. You will fall in love with this category of waistbands, where each part of the jewel is delicately crafted to perfection.

  • Kamarband with Temple Motifs – A Brilliant Beauty to Behold
  • This temple jewellery kamarband is where every woman’s heart gravitates towards. Special occasions and weddings call for traditional jewellery. The temple motifs are adorned with detailed embroidery works, making them shine on the surface of the waistband. 

  • Multi-Layered Kamarband - A Majestic Amalgamation of Style and Quality
  • This kamarband comes with a multilayer chain with adjustable size. Embellished with dainty details over the surface of the chain, it would profoundly complement your sarees or lehengas. Wrap your waist in these amazing elements; intricate details are set to enthrall the onlookers. 

  • Silver Kamarband – Enjoy Ethereal Beauty
  • Nowadays, the silver waist chain is a delicate addition to bridal ensembles. It can also be adorned to match Indo-western apparel like jeans and skirts. A simple chain is light in weight and comfortable to wear all day long and comes with numerous patterns and designs. 

  • Kundan Waist Belt- Lend a Touch of Elegance
  • A Kundan waist belt will add elegance and grace to the bridal ensemble. You can also wear the jewel on different occasions. For instance, if you don a heavily embellished saree, choose the kundan waist belt to highlight your curvy silhouette beautifully.

    Shop for the Sensational Kamarband Online

    Wearing a kamarband for a saree or other outfits will let you flaunt your curves in the best possible way. No other accessories can beat the timeless charm and beauty of these nine yards of elegance, especially during the festive and wedding season. 

    Kushal is your one-stop destination for purchasing your favourite kamarband, antique or trendy style. We have an exclusive collection for all your specific requirements. From brides and bridesmaids to working women, you can witness the glamorous upgrade now and then on the Kamarband collection at Kushal!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What is Kamarband?

    Kamarbandh is a fascinating ornament that is typically adorned around the waist. It can be designed in a thin or broad chain style, adorned with metal like gold or silver. As an essential aspect of bridal trousseau, Kamarbandh or waist belt is popular among southern and western regions of India. 

    Q2. Can I wear a waist belt for a saree?

    Yes, a traditional waist belt for a saree will give you a positive twisting appearance, cinching your saree pleats with a stylish touch. This classic yet modern accessory will accentuate your appeal.

    Q3. How to choose the best waist belt for a wedding occasion?

    Waist belts for a saree or any other outfit tend to give a definite view to your basic look. However, different types of waist belts are available in Kushals that can be styled in endless ways. Experiment with the colour, material, and design so that it will enhance your silhouette.

    Q4. What are the different types of waist chains?

    There are countless varieties of waist chains available on the Kushal website. You can find a gold-plated to-temple jewellery waist belt, a belly chain with pearls drops, a kundan Kamar bandh, a stones haram waist chain, a silver waist chain studded with stones, and more.