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Exclusive Kamarband Collection At Kushal’s

Kamarband also spelt as cummerbund is one of the ancient jewellery that dates back to 4000 years ago. This jewellery piece was an essential part of everyday wear and was very popular among women. From being hosted on queens and kings, kamarband grew into the modern age as belly chains with more fashionable evolution. Now there is an extensive range of designs in Kamarband right from Bridal-to-Simple and Fashionable to Contemporary. This piece of accessory is worn around the waist to elevate and enhance the overall look of clothing and shape. Traditional kamarband designs are usually thick and wide like a belt and sit tightly around the waist shaping all the drapery of the saree tightly around the waist amping up the stature and frame of a woman. Belly Chains around the waist of women makes them look lean, tall and elegant. 

Kamarband being Solah Shringar of the bride, it is an inseparable part of Bridal Jewellery. It is most important of all accessories that elevate the stature and look of the bride by complimenting her saree in the best way. A bride with a waist belt will be an absolute goddess on her wedding. Kamarband being auspicious and a matter of look for the bride, it is important to pick the perfect ones based on her saree and other bridal outfits. Belly Chains or Kamarband can be worn on saree, lehenga and even on peplum tops or contemporary party wears. Based on the occasion and clothing now there is an infinite number of kamarband designs and patterns making it a wardrobe staple. Contemporary belly chains are also worn on top of jeans and fusion dupatta drapery to pull off a fashionable look.

Kushal’s being the most sought after for Bridal Jewellery puts forth an extensive collection of kamarband designs.

The Most-Sought-After Bridal Kamarband Guide From Kushals

Bridal Kamarband: Kamarband is an essential accessory that holds the whole bridal look together making it a priority to choose the perfect one that matches the occasion and your gorgeous outfit. Kamarband having a prominent role to play in pulling off the perfect look you need to be sure of what will suit you and how you need to style it, so here is why a small guide to help you create your ideal bridal look with our exclusive Bridal Kamarband Range.

Go according to the occasion: Keep it contemporary for your Pre-Wedding Rituals and Functions, let it be more the zircon side.

Keep it in sync with Bridal Outfit: Never go out of sync with the polish and stone colour. Choose the colour that is more closely related to outfit, probably of the border like gold.

Consider your Body Stature: Choose a fitted kamarband if you are a curvy person with average height and a hanging a one If you someone lean and tall.

Heavy or Simple, Take a Call: Choose a little less elaborate one if your saree is intricate and heavy and choose intricate heavy kamarband to pair it with an embroidered blouse and a simple saree.

Wear It In an Iconic Way: A Contemporary Hanging Kamarband and a Fitted Kamarband are the two essentials for the bride in her wedding season to hold the drapery of her saree and choli. Experiment with securing the palla in a different way with fitted Kamarband and A Flowy Hanging Kamarband with The Choli of your Lehenga.

Choose the ideal kamarband and to check out more styles go through our Exclusive Kamarband Range

Widest Range of Kamarband Collection @Kushal’s

Temple Kamarband: The Traditional Kamarband with the figurines of Goddess Lakshmi grandly seated at the middle of Kamarband makes it auspicious for the holy occasions like marriage and festivals. These are most sought after and loved by women to be paired with their favourite sarees. 

Antique Kamarband: Antique kamarband are elaborate waist ensembles with intricate details and studded gems attached to the long chains that can be hooked at the back based on size and preference. These are less stiff than the Bridal Kamarband and Vary from simple to heavy as well. These are perfect friend of Silks and Banaras.

Belly Chains: These are contemporary, simple designer chains with stacked pearls or zirconia or colourful beads. Belly chains are sleek, modern and can be paired with western wears as well. These are great for putting across your party wear or to pull off a Bohemian look.

Pendant Kamarband: These are the Kamarbands that are similar to a necklace with a pendant. This kamarband design has a detailed lace with a pendant attached to it at the centre or around the belt allowing it dangle with the flow. Pair it up with your lehenga or saree on a wedding or festival to look wow.

Kaasu Kamarband: Kaasu Kamarband with figurines of Goddess Lakshmi makes it the most auspicious accessory for the festivals and perfect match of Kanchipuram Silks. These were popular in the royal courts of south India and is a very ancient design.

Layered Kamarband: These are luxurious kamarband with layers of chains that has beads attached to it and sits seamlessly around the curves of your waist allowing it to sway with the movement. These are worn mostly on the modern-day sarees to amplify the look and enhance the stature.

Zircon Kamarband: Zircon Kamarband is new contemporary designs with a touch of fashion to it. These come in stylized pattern to help people style it the way they like. Zircon Kamarband is versatile in design and can have both ethnic and modern pattern.

Kundan Kamarband: As the name suggests these kamarband designs will have Kundan embellished in them with a varied pattern like layered or with jhumka. These are preferred on the Lehengas, Ghagras and Georgette Sarees to create a Modern-Ethnic Look.

Why Kushal’s?

Kushal’s hosts an extensive range of Bridal Kamarband Designs and Belly Chains Collection in both pure silver and antique look to match all your outfits. The designs of this kamarband collection are inspired by the traditions and richness of the culture to meet all the aspects and emotions of the bride.

The exclusive designs vary from heavy kamarband silver to simple antique waist belt in varieties of pattern and finish. Kushal’s has given great attention to details to put forth best of best for the bride and all fashion enthusiasts out there.