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Bangles are the earliest jewellery to hit Mankind and bedazzle them by its enthralling charm. The hints and traces of this tantalizing jewellery were found in Mohenjo-Daro excavation. Earlier this piece of jewellery was worn by both men and women and was made by various elements like terracotta and glass. The designs of these bangles have unfolded crazily over time and now have an infinite number of styles. These bangles are also believed to benefit health by promoting blood circulation and maintaining energy levels.
These bangles also hold a great significance for married women and daughters of India. Clinking noise of bangles are believed to attract positivity and health for the family. It also symbolizes happiness, health and prosperity of the marriage. Bangles are cherished by women and girls across the globe simply for how elegantly bangles prettify their wrists. Bangles can be just a single Kada or bracelet or even a Set of Bangles, it can be heavy and intricate or subtle and fashionable. 

Bangles go decorous with all sorts of outfit right from business casuals to traditional, you can play as per your desire when it comes to the styling of bangles with your outfit. Bangles play a key role in styling your appearance and it speaks for your personality and ideas, let it be a Sophisticated, Boho, Traditional or Graceful look. The style of bangles and a bangle alone has evolved and amplified over the past remarkably, Bangles now has abundant sets of categories and designs specially designed for occasions and purposes like Temple Bangles, Kundan Bangles, Royal Ruby Bangles, Adjustable Screw Bangles, Bracelets, etc.

Exclusive Bangles Design Collection at Kushal's

Single Bangle or Kadas: Kadas are single excellently adorned bangles that are an absolute style statement. These Kadas are usually free-sized and are ideal for sarees, Kurtis, dresses and even casuals. Kadas come in various designs like kundan, meenakari, zircon, coins, etc. These kadas can be styled along with bracelets, other kadas, bangles and just alone or according to your desire. Varieties of Kadas for Kanyas From Kushal’s 

Bangles Set of 2: Two Identical bangles together are called Pair Bangles, these are usually worn with other bangle sets like a frame or individually or together. These are usually slender and are gorgeously studded with stones or engraved with art patterns. Pair bangles are must-have for women as it comes with plenty of styling opportunities. 

Contemporary Simple Bangles: Contemporary bangles embody a subtly sophisticated design that is modern and minimal. These bangles are all-rounders, they go ideal with casual outfits as well as with traditional outfits. They are never heavy and are of the perfect width and lightweight. Shop from amazing contemporary bangles' collection at Kushal’s

Big Bangle: Chunky size Bangles are usually bulky, thick and wide with elaborate details and lovely stone setting. These bangles come in various design styles like zircon, temple, meenakari, etc. These Chunky Bangles are a perfect statement when styled with casuals dresses and evening gowns, they even go decorous with sarees, Kurtis and you can also mix and match.

Navarathna Bangle: As the name suggests these bangles are embedded with nine different vivid stones or semi-precious gems like Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Red Coral, Hessonite, Blue and Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s eye and an Emerald. These bangles are believed to be auspicious and attract goodness in life. Navarathna bangles go decorous with all the traditional outfits and sarees and very are colourful.

Stone Stacked Bangles: This contemporary bangle design is very fashionable, subtle and trending. These bangles have stones studded in a closed setting usually at a distance or interval from each other within a single bangle or circumference. Stone Stacking is a contemporary style that is now getting blended with many antique techniques to bless us with vivacious designs and these styles can be paired with almost every outfit. These bangles are very feminine by design are usually made with Polki stones, pearls and Gems.

Meenakari Kundan Bangle: Meenakari is an ancient art of painting on metals with various colours, this art was introduced by Persians to India during the Mughal era and it is appreciated and loved by women since then. These bangles are usually wider and have a gorgeously painted segment framed by stunning Kundan arts, pearls and floral patterns. These are heavy and stunning and is a perfect match for Women in Traditional Wear.

Temple Bangles: The designs of these bangles are inspired by the temples and Gods of India. These bangles are rich by design, custom and have statuettes of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganapathi, Peacocks etc. Temple bangles usually come in an antique finish that attracts every woman, Timeless design celebrated over the ages. These must-have bangles are a perfect companion of women in Silk Saree.

Antique Bangles: These Bangles are designed to look antique and old by design and polish. These designs usually include ruby and green coloured stones in a floral pattern with peacocks or floral motifs. These bangles come in matt finish as well and are go decorous with Sarees, Kurtis and Lehengas.

Detachable Curved Paan Fiber Bangle These bangles usually consist of a detachable head part of the bangle that is slightly curved and ornate with floral patterns and stone called a Paan or Pendant. These Bangle Pendants are attached or secured to a plain coloured fibre or plastic bangle that can be changed based on your colour choice. These bangles are an absolute choice when picking traditional accessories and a great match for festivals.

Kundan Bangle: Kundan Bangle is an ageless beauty that still holds a special place in a women’s jewellery box. Jewellery is never complete without a little hint of Kundan. Kundan Bangles are absolute favourites of women since the Mughal era and are a great match for ethnic outfits. These Bangles are usually worn with other sets of bangles and alone as well.

Art-Form Hollow Bangles: These bangles are hollow as the name suggests but with lovely intricate artworks on the frames of the bangle. Hollow Bangles can be chunky as well as slender and lady-like, these are new must-have designs for women that can brighten up your wrists.

Zircon Bangles: Zircon Jewellery is a gift to womankind who adores jewellery, these are stunning and sparkling art forms magically crafted into bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings. These bangles have zircon stone set into them in delicate patterns to create a gorgeous piece of crafted metal and stones around the wrists.

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