Enigmatic glints for a personality more than just mysterious!

Among a lot of things that jewellery is, it is a manifestation of your personality! And a spark that speaks about your identity.

Sigma Woman Personality


Sigma woman characterized by the mysterious persona she is identified for intimidating nature and demand for attention. For an intriguing personality that loves to be in the spotlight entitles jewellery that is more than just fascinating, a design that is enigmatic and quirky. And to enliven her elusive attitude we have crafted jewellery that is as peculiar as her, distinctive designs epitomizing her charismatic aura and expressive poetic strokes of jewellery bringing the imagination to live, by enriching her entrancing persona.

✨ Jewellery that suits the personaIity of a Sigma Woman ✨ A mysterious woman, who demands attention when she walks into a room, the fierce one with an intimidating personality! A woman who is self sufficient and free of fear and the one who listens to her heart, deserves esoteric designs that defines her personality...

Esoteric designs that tell a story in a very unique yet enigmatic manner to suit a sigma woman who is mysterious and intimidating.

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Jewellery Inspired By The Mysterious Personality Of A Sigma Woman