Mangalsutra - The Holy Necklace

Mangalsutra is usually a long chain with blacks beads and a pendant considered to be holy for married women of India, it is also an indicator of the marital status of women. This Holy Chain with Pendant is believed to serve as a protector of the holy-bond of the couple from all sorts of harms and evil. Mangalsutra with black beads is believed to fight-off the negativity and maintain the health and prosperity of the marriage and the husband. 

Mangalsutra holds a long history and heritage of its own in India. The holy event of tying this auspicious thread or chain is as called Mangalya Dharanam and is celebrated grandly by the families of bride and groom.
Mangalsutra Designs are unfolding as the time evolves, to match every occasion and outfit. There is an abundant Collection of Mangalsutra Chain with Pendant in different styles at Kushal’s. 

 Exclusive Mangalsutra Designs Collection at Kushal’s

Long Chain Mangalsutra: These Mangalsutras usually consists of 20-26 Inches Long Black Beaded Chain with a Pendant of the desired design. These long-chain Mangalsutras were popular in the past and is still an excellent match when worn on Sarees.

Short Chain Mangalsutra: As the name suggests, these Mangalsutras are shorter. It consists of 14-18 Inches Long Chain. This Short Style Mangalsutra is more modern in terms of design and is hugely preferred by contemporary women as they go decorous with plenty of outfits.

Floral Design Mangalsutra: This Contemporary Style Mangalsutra Pendant is a Classic Hit and a Best Friend of Women for its style purposes. This State-of-the-art, ladylike pendant is perfect when worn on Kurtis and Sarees. These Pendants consist of flower, creepers and leafy designs with a pearl or zircon stone and are very fashionable.


Temple Mangalsutra: Temple Design Mangalsutra Pendants are inspired by the Temples of India and Usually Consists of Figurines of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganapathi In the Middle of The pendant. These pendants also decorated with various precious stones and Loreal pearls across the pendant to make it more luxurious. These Pendants are rich by designs and are grandiose. Temple pendants are an exemplary match on silk sarees and for festive auspicious occasions. These Mangalsutras are Ever-Green and will always be in trend.

Chandbali Mangalsutra: The Vintage Chandbali Designs are so popular in earrings and loved by women, that these designs are now an excellent hit in mangalsutra pendants as well. These Pendants embody classic Chandbali Design that looks like a crescent moon with precious stones and pearls. These mangalsutras go well with all Traditional Outfits and perfect for festive occasions. 


Jhumka Mangalsutra: Jhumkas are one of the must-have jewellery for women and every woman posses a pair of gorgeous jhumkas. Jhumka inspired pendants are made of jhumkas combined along with chandbali or temple designs. Wondrous little jhumkas hanging across the grand pendant that bears Goddess Lakshmi or chandbali design is one of the Exclusive rare designs that Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery brings to you.


Dholna Mangalsutra: This Mangalsutra pendant involves the timeless Dholna Design along with chandbali or contemporary design. These pendants are a perfect combination of gorgeous and Tradition. Dholna pendant is an absolute compliment when worn on any traditional wear. 



Taagpaag or Tanmaniya Mangalsutra: This style of Mangalsutra is usually worn in the northern part of India and are elegant by design. These pendants are arc-shaped and come with various design elements like paisley, leaves and dangling tiny pearl beads.


Peacock Mangalsutra: The elegant Peacock designs are the most cherished and worn designs by women. These pendants consist of luscious peacock designs in them with precious stones and beads making it simple elegant, feminine and flawless.



Gandaberunda Mangalsutra: The prestigious Gandaberunda is has a long powerful history and is believed to possess immense magical powers. This pendant is made of two-headed bird that is a symbol of Powerful Position. Gandaberunda pendant is a must-have for women.




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October 15, 2020