Make This Mother’s Day A Little More Special...

From a daughter to a mother, the renewing journey a woman goes through is gratifying, and only she knows her ways to take delights watching her daughter imitate her styles. This amusing cycle of a daughter to a mother is eternal, and we at Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery would interest to take joy in adorning the Mother and her little one in similar jewellery on this Mother’s Day.

Go Twinning With Your Little One This Mother’s Day


The matching mother daughter styles have been there in fashion since forever, and every time a mother & daughter twin with their looks they just seem lovely. The little one dressed as an exact mini version of mom is just exciting, and mom looking young and in fashion while matching the styles with their little is absolute bliss, isn’t it?


If you are someone who always wears a matching dress with your little one and love to twin attires, do not miss out on these necklace set with earrings at Kushal’s that are absolutely made for mother and daughter. These similar style necklaces will be perfect for your duo to flaunt with any outfit. Just wear these with style on this Mother's Day and celebrate the motherhood in fashion.

Style it with confidence and pose, because you both will look picture perfect in these...

Matching Necklace Sets for the Wonder Duo of Mom & Her Little One

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Twinning outfits with your little one comes with its own perks, it is interesting, fun and helps your kid look up to you and enjoy the bond creatively. And let this Mother's Day be all about deepening your relationship with your kids in a much friendlier way with matching bangles.

Let both of your hands twin in style with some matching bangles when your little daughter grabs your hand. 

Here are some matching bangles for the super mom to twin with her little one

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Mother's Day Twinning Contest

A simple fun contest for all the mom's out there, take a break from regular routine to twin with your little one and take photos. Post it on your social media handle tagging Kushal's Fashion Jewellery.

PS: Exciting Twin Jewellery giveaway for the contest winners, So don't miss out on the chance!!

Click on the link below for more information on the contest.