Navrang This Navratri

The Special Navratri Colours Jewellery Collection From Kushal’s is your heavenly friend this festive season to walk you through the Nine days Gorgeously. Let it be Colour Days at Office or Jagratha, this Navratri dress up with the significant colours of Maa Durga  to symbolize the strength and Power of Womanhood. Let your look be as magnificent as Maa Durga. This striking jewellery collection from Kushal’s for Navratri will catch your friends and family’s attention and will help YOU wave a gorgeous self on each day of Navratri. 

Scroll Down to adore these gorgeous jewellery and checkout with pride to pair it with your Outfit this Navratri.

 White the symbol Purity and Determination

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Be graciously determined on each day of Navratri like Maa Tapascharini, Pure Elegant designs to symbolize the purity and harmonize with your look and outfit. Shine with radiance and glow this Navratri with the sparkling jewellery collection from Kushal’s 

Red the symbol of Grace 

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Be Bold and Beautiful Like Maa Chandraghanta and Flaunt the Fearless Graceful aura of yours with the glorious Red Jewellery From Kushal’s. Let the amazing red pearls and stones pair up with your graceful red outfit on this Navratri to help you solemnize your courage and zeal.

Royal Blue The Symbol of Health and Wealth


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Rock the Royal Blue like No One Else! Stunning jewellery designs in Royal Blue will make you The beauty of the day. These amazing designs are exclusive enough to make others look at you twice and think where you got this jewellery from. Worship Mata Kushmanda in the magnificent Royal Blue Jewellery this navratri.

Yellow The Symbol Happiness and Brightness

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Celebrate this rich hue of the day with grand jewellery designs from Kushal’s. The rich colour of these designs is definitely a charm when worn around the neck. The warmth of this hue around your wrist is definitely going to level-up the look of your outfit this Navratri. Brighten up like Maa Skandamata with these amazing jewellery. 

Green the symbol of Growth and Beginnings

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Flaunt the prosperous calm look like Maa Katyayani this navratri with well-crafted graceful designs. These peaceful jewellery designs is definitely going to please you by their elegant intricacies and will enhance your glory this Navratri.

Grey the symbol of Strength and Transformation

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This significant colour is most interesting just as Maa Kalaratri. Silver Oxidized Jewellery on this Grey day will be the best partner of your saree. The alluring designs of this jewellery draped around your neck and wrists is the perfect way to complete your glorious look on This Navratri.

Purple The Symbol Peace and Intelligence

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Signify the tranquillity and patience of Mahagauri in purple/pink hue. The jewellery of this charming colour is definitely the way to prettify your look and beguile your friends and colleagues this Navratri. This Beautiful Jewellery collection consists of purple stones and beads that are graceful and elegant.

Peacock Green the symbol Desires and Success

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Green symbolizes Maa Siddhidhatri who fulfils the desires of devotees. The Peacock Green jewellery collection from Kushal’s consists of eye-pleasing exquisite designs and is ideal for the grand day of navratri. This jewellery is definitely going to make your overall look very attractive. 

Orange the symbol of Energy and Enthusiasm

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Be the brightness of the day with stunning necklaces and gleaming earrings framing your face beautifully with warm shades of bangles gracing your wrists. The bright shades of jewellery are specially selected for Navratri so that you can flash and flaunt them gorgeously like Maa Shailaputri.

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October 06, 2020