Put Together A Perfect Look For Diwali's Evening Aura

What is it that we love the most about Diwali? The sparkling ambience, the sweets and savoury, the fun, or the dressing up in the finest of clothes and jewellery. It is just impossible to name one thing that makes Diwali the most-loved festival. The beauty of celebration & festivities is in and itself the most picturesque about Diwali. To add to the joy, your diwali look will amplify the elegance and the memorable twinkle of this auspicious festival. The lights and sparks that glow up the night of Diwali is the most dreamy vision, which makes you want to dress up like the Diva you are!

Which is why we bring you the sheer sparks that are sure to illuminate your Diwali’s evening look, undoubtedly. Diwa, the rare collection of unique, expressive designs embellished sheerly with colourful sparks to resonate with the glittering ambience of Diwali’s evening.

With Diwa by Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery, be the diva by curating your own diwali look with expressive and statement shimmers that will make you the spotlight this Diwali. The designs that were created solely to resound with the crackles and sparkles of the festivities. Make your look the most scintillating festival is the most starry one by adding the dreamy sparks to it.


The feel of festive sparks that illuminate the evening of Diwali & jewels that reflect a sheer vibrancy in its unique floral etches, highlighting inspirational and imaginative craftsmanship. Contemporary, one-of-a-kind designs, crafted for the Diva In You - Diwa Collection, Illuminate Your Diwali’s Evening Aura with Diwali earrings that will enhance your radiance! Also perfect as a Diwali greeting jewellery, gift these to your loved ones and shine together this Diwali.

Let Your Jewellery Be Expressive & Imaginative for the evening! Diwali’s evening is all about the expression of happiness, fun and excitement and for an instance like this, your jewellery must resound with magnificence. The designs must speak for themselves, highlighting the joy and standing out in the crowd. The shine of the stones should just be imaginative, like the feel of Diwali and the lights of the surroundings!


Diwali Earrings: The Spotlight for your Diwali Look

Let There Be Some Colours & Sparks in your jewellery! Diwali is a festival that showcases exquisite vibrancy and vividity in its celebration, which inevitably calls for stunning Diwali earrings. These sparkles with statement designs that take clues from art nouveau style creates a contemporary touch to any Diwali outfit. An elegant way to echo the evening festivities of Diwali is by flaunting jewellery that reflects the colourful sparks. That expresses the vibrancy of Diwali in its embellishment.


Keep It Subtle Yet Scintillating with your overall ensemble. Let your Diwali look be shimmery and engaging, with the shines of zircon framing your face and a gleam highlighting your smile. These Diwali earrings will be your best bet when it comes to casting a reflection that will mesmerise everyone! One of the best additions to your diwali party outfits, vibe with the grandiosity of Diwali with scintillating zircon sparkling in your jewellery.


Diwali Fashion: The Charming, Statement Zircons

Let your ensemble be velvety for the evening! A no-brainer choice for the festive Diwali fashion, a royal way to stand out in the evening shine is by wearing a dress that has a minimal shimmer to it. Pick a fabric that will highlight your accessories and diwali earrings for a picture-perfect look. If you have your jewellery selected, Diwa has a multitude of trending Diwali selects that will be perfect as a Diwali greeting jewellery. Wear a dress that lets your jewellery do the statement when caught on camera.

And Lastly, Add A Special Shine To The Celebrations Of Diwali With Your Smile

Light Up Your Diwali’s Evening

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What should I wear for Diwali?

The best jewellery to wear with your Diwali look is by far Diwali earrings! It adds an iconic shimmer to your look, while directing the appreciation to your outfits. Style floral detailed zircon earrings, or go for an all-gilded look with an intricately detailed pair of Antique studs

What colours to wear for Diwali?

The brighter the better! Your Diwali look will look best with colours that suit everyone, think reds, yellows or pleasant blue hues. A range of colours when paired in contrast also looks great for a night time look.

What do you wear on Diwali night?

Dresses, gowns, or even indo-western styles are great options to style yourself with as an evening Diwali look. Diwali party, which is the most sought after event of the night, calls for all things shimmering and sparkling!