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Shop Antique Necklaces Online

Ornaments that hold the art of more than 100 years and have witnessed human evolution over these years form the antique necklace set. A very important category of antique jewellery is the "Antique Necklace”. These are the necklaces for women that are crafted using the art of earlier times, but it does not mean pre-worn modern necklaces. Their worn, rustic and raw look has made antique long necklaces and haaram, antique choker necklaces and antique sets on our online store. These necklaces are becoming highly wanted in the modern world because of the look they carry, the craftsmanship and the colour stones they use to embellish this art form. These necklaces are also a reflection of your status in the society and clearly define you in the very occasion you wear them, irrespective of big or small.
The antique necklace designs for women are very distinctive in nature and because of the popularity and the richness it adds to a look, women are looking for ways and reasons to get a hold of them. And what better way than to have your favourite vintage necklaces at your doorstep by just one click away. Antique sets online on our website are made with great detailing and quality for the longitivtiy of the product, also having a huge variety for all our buyers, so they can pick up their antique chokers, antique long necklaces and haaram, simple antique necklaces, antique pendant necklaces etc with great ease and no double thought, whatsoever.
We have a subcategory or another kind of necklace called the Swarnika necklace, this a polish that is different from the other antique necklace polish. This has more shine to it then the other category. We have a variety of design in these necklaces as well.
These beautiful artificial antique necklaces can be worn on any ethnic outfit, be it a timeless Kanjeevaram or a salwar suit, or even a lehnga and match a splendid antique bridal necklace to it. With the presence of colour stones, the options get multiplied for the women to choose from. There are antique ruby necklaces, antique beads necklace, etc. There are a variety of antique choker necklaces, antique long necklaces and antique haaram designs and antique sets online.

Antique Ruby and Beads Necklaces

These are necklaces with the usage of ruby stones and antique beads. They are flawlessly crafted with these stones to make necklaces that last a lifetime and can be passed on in generations. They come with a pair of earrings. These kinds of necklaces come in all styles and sizes. In Mango mala styles, to choker to anything. You name it and we have it.
These necklaces have the advantage of being enhanced by colour stones like ruby and beads to take the necklace a notch higher. These necklaces are a good option for women who wish to match their jewellery to the colour of their outfit. These also, come in Swarnika style which has more shine to it and makes the piece different from the rest.

Antique Pendant Necklaces

These necklaces are the ones that are antique necklace in chain style and a pendant that inculcates and exhibits detailing and also has figurines go goddesses that make the look all the more exclusive. More of a simple necklace design, these kinds of pendant necklaces look best on silk sarees of the South and can be worn for all occasions. These pendant necklaces also incorporate colour and texture to a larger level which highlights the detailing f the pendant.

Antique Lakshmi Necklace / Antique Kasu Malai

This is a very traditional kind of necklace, that fills the woman’s neck beautifully while involving figurine of Goddess Lakshmi, in one way or another. Either on every part of the necklace or just the centre using one element. This is also made in antique Kasu malai (coin necklace). Women prefer wearing this kind of necklace during weddings or any temple traditional function. These come with a pair of earrings and are crafted with great detailing, using colour stones to highlight the minute detailing of the same. The antique Kasu Mala designs and the Lakshmi pendant come in a huge variety on our website. We have them in all sizes from choker style to long chains. One can buy these for any kind of look since we have a huge variety. These come in the Swarnika polish as well, which is more glossy than the normal antique polish, which gives women more options to choose from.

Antique Necklace

Antique long, heavy necklaces and haaram are the ones that are long in length and look grand, these can be worn alone or below antique choker necklaces or sets adding a layer to them. These heavy necklace sets are often worn during grand events or weddings and can be bought from us by just a click away.

Antique Bridal Necklaces

These are the beautiful antique necklaces with blue stones and many other colours embellished to enhance the heavy, queenly necklaces, that are big in size and can be elegantly carried away by a bride. We have these available on our website in a huge number and can be chosen by brides as per their requirements.