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Indian Kundan Jewellery is one of the many kinds of jewellery available in our country. It is believed to have originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Largely also influenced and flourished by the Mughals as seen in their historic paintings and scriptures and also seen in the movie 'Jodha Akbar'. Aishwarya Rai's luxurious jewellery being a fine example of the same. Kundan jewellery designs are a very exclusive kind of jewellery crafted with glass pieces which are embedded in gold to create unforgettable masterpieces. Kundan is grand, royal, magnificent and very queenly in nature. When one wants to look their delightful grand best, without a doubt Kundan bridal jewellery sets is what they need to opt for from our online store. Kundan is also the best jewellery option for brides as it very naturally adds to the magnificence of a bride and multiplies the look to another level and matches the bridal outfits, like no other. In Kundan, there are ones that are moulded in pure gold and also the ones that are artificial Kundan jewellery. Online is the easy way of having the best by just a click away. We, at Kushal's, have a magnificent exclusive variety with beautiful designs for our brides. We have a variety of bridal Kundan jewellery sets for online shopping, we have Kundan necklaces, Kundan earrings, Kundan Bangles, Kundan maang tikkas, naths etc. We also have heavy Kundan bridal sets. Our online store is the one stop for all the brides to shop for all their wedding functions and having a huge variety in Kundan just works as a cherry on the cake for all our shoppers. Kundan also has various categories of jewellery under them, such as Meena Kundan jewellery also called as Meenakari. This category is done using enamel of different colours, a very delicate process resulting in alluring pieces of jewellery. Kundan Polki Jewellery is also another kind of jewellery that prevails from Kundan, Polki is very similar to Kundan in terms of technique and looks. However, the real difference here is that polki uses uncut diamonds instead of glass, and is far more expensive and lustrous and is commonly found in real gold jewellery. The process of making Kundan jewellery is long and arduous, involving various integral and intimate stages such as 'Ghaat', 'Laakh', 'Paadh and finally 'Khudai'. Every stage is different in kind and demands great craftsmanship to complete the process in delicacy resulting in a variety of timeless pieces of tantalising ornaments to beautify our women's collections. Jewellery is an integral part of our culture and there is no celebration, wedding or festivity without the purchase of jewellery. Thank God for our online shopping website, one can purchase the Kundal bridal jewellery sets online without any hassles. Especially it makes the job a click away for a bride, considering the variety of jewellery we produce. Our buyer can scan through our products and pick up desired ornaments and get done with the dominant and time-consuming job of visiting jewellery stores and picking up jewellery for themselves.

Shop artificial Kundan Jewellery Online

Kundan bridal jewellery sets are available online in various designs and types for all the brides looking for the best and latest designs for their big day.

Kundan necklaces/Kundan earrings - We have simple necklaces with just a small pendant and also big Kundan bridal jewellery sets online for our buyers. The brides can sport the chunky necklaces with their beautiful lehngas and make it a look to be spoken. Our bridal kundan jewellery sets online are a hit on our online shop and are shopped in numbers by our clients all across the country. The various designs have made random viewers to our regular clients, who look nowhere else, but our website for all their heavy Indian Kundan Jewellery. In Kundan Earrings, we have a magnanimous variety from Chand Bali's to Jhumka's to studs and to really chunky pieces of earring that can be worn alone and steal the show. Our Earrings come with Kundan jewellery pearls and look royal and extremely exquisite with the embellished pearls. Our Necklaces and earrings collection is very traditional and looks very West Indian Royal. We also have small and big kundan jewellery pearl detailing that gives a lift to our earrings and adds the chandeliers.

Kundan maang tikkas / Kunad naths - There are no better maang tikkas then the kundan maang tikkas, they are the best sellers in artificial kundan jewellery online. We cater a variety of them from small to big ones, with various designs like droppings to Chaand baalis. From simple to really chunky ones, having pearl detailing to them. A perfect maang tikka can steal the show with or without any other accessory. Kundan naths are a must have's for all the brides, the nath adds that detailing to the brides' face that nothing else can. It completes the bride's face and is a strong bridal representation. We have them in colours incorporated with Kundan to add to the glam.

Kundan rings / kundan payals - Kundan rings alone speak royal, splendid, everything grand and queenly. We have them in variety from big to small with colour enamel to highlight the craftsmanship. Kundan payals are a string of Kundan piece threaded together to beautify the women's feet and complete the entire look.

Kundan bangles/ kundan kadas - Kundan bangles and kadas are beautifully crafted with enamel and minute detailing. The bangles can be worn in numbers together and can be worn alone in pairs on both the hands. They look beautiful when teamed with matching Kundan bridal jewellery sets online.

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