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The Glorious Swarnika Collection

Enrich Yourself In The Captivating Union Of Zircon & Antique
She is a vision, so magnificent. A passion, so artistic!
Sometimes a new muse, a little ray of sparkle all the time.
She is a beauty to behold, a serenity that enriches
And above all, she is a treasure embracing antiquity.
She is Swarnika, an unimpaired beauty...
Swarnika is a delightful combination of zircon and antique that enlivens the artisanship of antique jewellery with a freshness of sparkling zircon bedecked beautifully on it.
Swarnika As Jewellery is inspired by the fascinating versatility of a woman, who is rooted in the cultures whilst embracing the newness of the contemporary world.
Swarnika is designed to hearten up the authentic antique designs with a beautiful twist of modernity and a perfect touch of shining zircon bedecked on the explicit details of jewellery. Every minor detail of the etches on the Swarnika jewellery stands out precisely captivating the eyes with flawless finishing and craftsmanship. 
Swarnika unites the auspicious figurines with detailedly rendered design elements accompanied by the various colours & shines of zircon and finished with a line of pearls. The dainty Swarnika with delicate details makes perfect jewellery for a woman who is just an epitome of a magical persona.

Swarnika Bridal Special- The Admirable Bride 

An Indian Bride dressed in her Solah Shringar is a definition of magnificence, every little detail of the bridal outfit and her jewellery is given a great significance and picked thoughtfully. Jewellery that completes the bride has to be just as delicate as her to complement the beautiful aura on her wedding day. 
Swarnika is one such blessing to the Bridal trousseau, that elegantly adds luxury. The luscious designs of the jewellery feature certain etch of floral arrangements and intricate artworks in a clean, polished manner.
Swarnika As Bridal Neckwears (Prices Range Between Rs. 1,490 - Rs. 7,900)
Comes in fusion with various designs like Kaasu, Temple, Peacock and Paisley with ruby, emerald and shining zircon stones to beautify your slender neck. These neckwears are available in different styles and comes as a set with matching earrings, like a choker, short necklace and long haram to suit the heritage of your silk sarees and to allow you to line up the necklaces till they wait on your wedding day.
Swarnika As Bridal Kamarband (Prices Range Between Rs. 2,590 - Rs. 10,600)
Features a versatile range of designs like Temple, Floral, Peacock and Palki with sparkling zircon to beautifully grace your waist and elevate your stature. These Kamarbands are available in styles like belly chains, layered kamarband and stiff kamarband with exclusive designs.
Swarnika As Bridal Earrings (Prices Range Between Rs. 2,590 - Rs. 3,750)
Is a pure depiction of art in its glorious form. The earrings of Swarnika are crafted creatively with precision to suit the ceremonious aura of the occasion. Swarnika earrings come in various designs like Jhumkas, Balis, Studs and Danglers with elegant designs to let you choose your ideal one.
Swarnika As Bridal Bangle (Prices Range Between Rs. 990 - Rs. 1,890)
Hosts an array of expressive designs in ornamental craftsmanship to dress the bride exceptionally. These bangles are poetic in design with detailed artwork of flowers and leaves with goddess featured in the craft bangles. Swarnika bangles will beautify your wrists like no other when worn along with glass bangles on your wedding day.
Swarnika As Bridal Accessories (Prices Range Between From Rs. 280 - Rs. 6,550)
Consists of a variety of Bajuband, Finger Ring, Matils, Payal, Nose Ring, Maang Tikka & Chotis (Hair Accessory) to complete the bride in a heavenly manner. Designs of these jewellery host divine motifs with coloured zircons as a highlight. These swarnika accessories are a perfect match to adorn in with your layered necklaces & kamarband.
Swarnika collection encompasses varieties of jewellery that a bride indulges herself in adorning on her wedding day. A Bride Dressed In Swarnika Is A Beauty To Behold.