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South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set From Kushal’s

Look Like The Bride You Always Dreamt Of

With 92.5 Silver Temple Jewellery

The precious things that complete the Bridal look graciously on the wedding day hold great value. These significant jewellery essentials aren't just cherished on the wedding day, but kept safe and close to heart by the Bride.
For such things of great importance, a bride deserves Jewellery that will stay with her for a lifetime to cherish and celebrate the happiness of her Marital bliss and yet be noble enough to pass on to her next generation and become an heirloom of the family.
For the bride who merits promising Jewellery for her wedding, 92.5 Silver Temple Bridal Jewellery Collection, crafted to suit and celebrate the holy bond of marriage beyond a lifetime.


Complete Silver Temple Jewellery Set For The Bride

92.5 Silver Temple Maang Tikka At Rs 3,250/-  The bridal maang tikka, featuring the holy figurine of goddess Lakshmi seated on a lotus, with a line of golden beads to complement the bridal beauty on her Big Day.

Style Check: Classic goddess Lakshmi Maang Tikka For Bride hosting the diamond shape is crafted to suit the various face shapes like round, square, heart & oval so that the bride can strike off the doubt of whether the maang tikka would suit her face.
The glorious vintage gold tone on the crafted 92.5 silver temple jewellery is perfect to match her earrings and the blush on the Bride’s cheek.

92.5 Silver Temple Bridal Bangle At Rs 11,590/- The bangle featured in the South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set is crafted in 92.5 silver in temple fashion and bespangled with shiny colourful stones of zircon to cherish and stand with your happiness of marriage forever.

Style Check: Naka Bridal Bangle For Silk Saree hosting the uniformly lined goddess Lakshmi figures is enamelled with the ageless vintage gold shade to enrich its aesthetics and suit the Bridal Attire. With the easy screw opening, a bride can be worry-free of usability. 
Whichever is the colour of your Bridal Silk Saree, this 92.5 silver temple bangle in the fine gold-tone is sure to suit the golden zari borders and pallu of your Bridal Saree. Just slide it onto your wrist with auspicious glass bangles to pull off the perfect Bridal Look.

92.5 Silver Temple Bridal Necklace At Rs 30,350/- The above showcased Temple Necklace for Silk Saree is crafted solely for the Bride. The intricately embossed figurines of goddess standing out in grandness, speaking of heritage, make it the finest selection for the Bridal Necklace.

92.5 Silver Temple Lakshmi Haaram At Rs 42,800/- The matching Bridal Haaram with Lakshmi naka work that suits the design of the complete set is a perfect piece of jewellery to add grandiosity to the Bridal Look. Layer it up with the bridal necklace and let it cascade royally on the draped pallu of your silk saree.

Style Check: Nakshi Necklace and Matching Haaram set For Bride, featuring the grandly seated goddess on a lotus, symbolizes peace. The fine line of the goddess with peacock details and Kemp stones looks ideally chunky and embellished to tune up the Bridal Look. The drawstring closure given to both the necklaces ensures the comfortable wrap of it around the neck.
The fine details and glorious gold tone of the necklace are perfect to match the silk and zari embroideries of your Bridal blouse and saree. These Temple Necklaces are perfect for a South Indian Bride, who is to be draped in Kanjivaram Silk Saree. Pair up the short necklace with Lakshmi Haraam 

Timeless Silver Temple Bridal Jewellery, in its glorious vintage gold, finish, with a hint of shiny zircon and ruby stones makes the perfect Jewellery for the Bride to adorn her on the Big Day. 
The above-showcased Jewellery set with Haaram, Necklace and Bajuband is crafted in temple fashion with the intricately embossed figurines of goddess standing out in grandness, speaking of heritage is the finest selection of Bridal Jewellery For Silk Saree.