The freshness in the breeze, ginger cookies, hot chocolate mug in hand and plum cakes aroma wandering all around, everything calls for a Christmas celebration. Celebration, big or small, calls for getting all dressy and doll up for holiday pictures. And for that, all you need to start with is the perfectly on-point outfit, right accessories, and both of them styled remarkably.

Christmas and winters, Jingles and furr, what could be more joyous than this! Well, there is – it’s a bit of sparkle that will add that extra magical bling surrounding you all around the festivity. The classic furr reminds you of snow, snow reminds you of mistletoe, mistletoe reminds you of of Christmas, and Christmas reminds you of *magic.* Magic that glitters, magic that sparkles, something that you wish to catch, with the embellishments that you choose to adorn.

Cutting to the chase, the answer to your question “How should I shine like a crystal during this Christmas season?” is – Time to take out your furry winter wearables, and go get some dazzling bling jewellery!To elaborate that, here are some styling tips for helping you refine that shine of yours and get some magic:


When it comes to dressing in furr, you can’t help but feel over-the-top or too much in terms of appearance. But guess what! That’s perfectly okay. It is basically calling out the Diva in you and dressing her up with classy sophistication with the divine combination of furr jackets/coats and blingy dangling earrings. Get a Snow-Queen winter look by going big on accessorising with blings, and letting the furrr play its game. Your Christmas Day needs just that for a hint of magic. Maybe pair it with some delicate bangles, bracelets, or rings for a more complete look.


Necklaces with blings demand a spotlight for themselves. And pairing them up with furr is a bit tricky as furr already brings high attention along with itself. Therefore, go for furr-lined coats, that are just the right amount of dressy and will give out a stunning look when paired up with a sparkling delicate Zircon Necklace. Set it between the collars of your coat and let it have a blingy peek through the opening front. You could also make the look more festive by adding in small matching earrings, and a cocktail ring on your finger. 


If you’re not a very big fan of going all mushy with furr jackets, you can always go for a furr wrap stole look by pairing it with an elegant sheen evening dress. And to amp up the look just vividly, embellished it with a delicate twinkling Zircon Kada around one of the wrist and carry a minimally gorgeous look for your Christmas Eve. You can also pair it with a matching finger ring on the other hand, or a minimal sparkling piece of necklace for a balanced appearance. 


Rings are the perfect sparkling hints of add-ons to your Diva look. Adorn them with your furr jacket look by pairing them with the matching earrings and/or bracelets. You can also wear them with the furr-lined coat look by pairing with the necklace and/or matching bracelet. You can accessorise it on the furr wrap stole look as well, just match it with the Kada and/or the necklace. Sparkling Zircon rings will bring that extra sparkle to your hands and will also complete the look with a bling of magic. 

So, now that you got some truly shimmering tips for your Christmas Eve, go get your exciting-self up and running, and prepare yourself for some merry wow-ing pictures. Don’t forget about the magic!