Indian weddings are the most elaborative ones, giving Bride & Groom the most lasting spotlight right from the beginning of pre-wedding celebrations to the end of post-wedding ceremonies. Amongst this long line of functions falls the holy rituals of a wedding like Mehendi, Sangeet, Varmala and the most awaited Reception party. Throughout these lined up events, the only goal of the bride will be to look perfect with her rich fabrics and exclusive jewellery.
Achieving and maintaining the perfect look for a Bride throughout the customs of a wedding can become a little confusing without a proper style guide. That is why Kushal’s present a complete guide that covers all the insights on essential jewellery for the various occasions of a wedding and styling to help the Bride leave a radiant statement on her special moments.

A subtle, graceful Mehendi Look, with just one necklace set!

necklace for mehendi function

Beginning with the most lively custom of all, the Mehendi ceremony. A subtle, understated look yet graceful enough to beguile the people attending the custom is all that a Bride must look up to for this custom. Captivating choker neckwear with a pair of statement earrings is perfect for the bride to pull off a Perfect Mehendi Look. 

3 things to keep in mind while shopping for jewellery for the Mehendi look:

  1. Keep It Minimal: Choose very fewer pieces of jewellery, a necklace is all that you might need for this occasion. 
  2. Go by your lehenga: You can consider a range of coloured shades in your jewellery if your lehenga is a peppy one, otherwise, pastels are perfect.
  3. Wearability: Do not go overboard with Jewellery, consider something that you can wear with your favourite dress at the next festival.

 A Sensational Sangeet Look For The Bride With Sparkling Zircon Jewellery

Sangeet wedding ceremony jewellery set

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The most fun-fetching wedding ceremony of all time is Sangeet. The event where people perform dances and enjoy themselves while bonding with each other. The only aim of the bride at this ceremony is to look sensational. For this happening event, sparkling zircon would be the ideal choice.

4 Jewellery Pieces Not Miss Out On While Shopping For Sangeet:

  1. Cocktail Ring: This is the celebration in which you will be captured having fun. With all eyes on you, take pleasure in flaunting unique jewellery.
  2. Statement Kada: Instead of piling up a lot of bangles on your wrist. Prefer a statement Kada to that is comfortable enough for you to dance with.
  3. Charming Tikka: Bride at marriage rituals without tikka doesn’t exist. Choose a sparkling tikka with a charming pendant. 
  4. Chiming Payal: The celebration is all about dancing and the Payal is mandatory. Choose an elaborate Payal with chimes to jingle when you tap your feet to the beat.


The most awaited moment of the wedding, the ritual that binds the life of the Bride and Groom together in Hindu marriage is Varmala. This is the most longing moment that a bride dreams of… The only vision is to look as Royal as possible on this very moment of her special day.

There is nothing better than Kundan itself to achieve the most royal look for Varmala.

2 ways you can decide to adorn yourself for this awaited Moment:

Classic Varmala Bridal Look -

A timeless traditional Bridal look, where the bride is dressed in the auspicious red lehenga with all her exquisite jewellery adorning her from head-to-toe, which carries a spiritual meaning and is considered to be a blessing on the Bride as she becomes a part of the Bridegrooms Family.

Kundan is the ideal choice for the classic look as it carries the Royal legacy and is hailed from the Kingly Courts of Rajasthan. Kundan is also the oldest form of jewellery in India that was adored by the ancient queens. 

varmala traditional Bridal jewellery lookTimeless Bridal Look With The Royal Kundan Jewellery

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8 Must-Have Bridal Adornments For The Classic Bridal Look:

  1. Gulbandh: The main piece of Bridal jewellery that sits grandly at the base of your neck.
  2. Rani Haar: The elongated neckwear paired with Gulbandh adds a royal finishing to the Bridal look.
  3. Nath: The elaborate nose ring with an ornate string that runs till the hairline adds a charm to the Brides face.
  4. Matha Patti: Ornate Kundan Jewellery to frame the face of the bride beautifully. These are popular amongst Rajasthani Brides. 
  5. Kaan Ki Bali: Earrings, a symbol of womanhood, is the most essential part of Bridal Trousseau and is better when the earrings are ornate.
  6. Payal: Anklets are often gifted to the Bride from the Bridegroom’s family and are surely essential for creating a classic Bridal look.
  7. Rings: Embellished rings with big detailed pendants with Kundan studded on them are must-add to your bridal trousseau
  8. Bangles: A bangle that is believed to be a beauty factor of women is a primary part of Bridal trousseau and a Bride is never complete without it.

Contemporary Varmala Bridal Look -

Your look for the special day is all how you dream of… let it be a classic one or a contemporary one, we have got all your Bridal jewellery essentials covered and tailored for your taste. A designer lehenga with Statement Kundan is all you need for a perfect contemporary look.


varmala contemporary Bridal jewellery look
 Captivating Contemporary Look With Statement Kundan Jewellery

3 tips for the brides with a modern approach to their Bridal trousseau: 

  1. Less Is More: Always go for one majestic neckwear that is the statement, instead of stacking up on necklaces.
  2. Prefer Uniqueness: Contemporary Bridal look is all about uniqueness, let your jewellery be far away from typical.
  3. Bring In Details: Instead of going for over the top with your Bridal jewellery, prefer to pick up little adornments that adds a highlight to your look, like ornate hathphool.

Breathtaking Reception Look For The Bride With Splendid Zircon Choker


Cocktail Zircon Choker jewellery look

The very first celebration for the Bride after marriage is a Reception Party, and the only motive is to Look Breathtaking. For a glamorous occasion like this, there is nothing better than zircon to make our Bride shine brighter.

3 Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Jewellery For Reception:

  1. Bling It: Choose jewellery that has a sparkle to it. Let it reflect the light, giving you a radiant look.
  2. Match With Your Neckline: Choose your neckpiece based on the Neckline. Go for a heavy cascading choker for a broad or off-shoulder neckline and a Lariat necklace for a plunging neckline.
  3. Metal Shade: Let it be Rhodium, Rose Gold or Gold colour choose your metal shade based on your reception outfit to keep it all in sync.

Glorifying and adoring the rich customs of Indian marriage, Kushal’s presents Jewellery to adorn the brides in the diverse traditions of an Indian wedding.

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July 07, 2021