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Kushal’s introduces the Swiss Signity Marcasite Gem Jewellery Collection

The Mystifying Shimmer

The vintage gem has rendered a classic tale along the timeline with the history of its own. From being the favourites of Greeks and Incas to the Age of Ingenuity- The Victorian Era it has left a legacy worth celebrating. These delightful gems are very romantic and shine only when caught by eyes, perfect for the one’s who doesn’t love flashy and adore the subtle golden shine. The twists and turns of the story of this evolving gem are just as exciting as to wear one of this around the neck. The marcasite jewellery was the dearest of The Incas, Greeks and Egyptians and was often seen on Cleopatra who treasured the value of this gem quite exceptionally in the first place. Then came the time for these gemstones when they got a chance to sparkle around the neck of Queen Victoria Herself.

Marcasite as a Gem 
Now Marcasite is one of the most sought gemstones that shimmer on the sterling silver, which brings out the best shine of the gem and sometimes with other fellow gemstones or metals. These gems are crisp with a greenish-gold radiance and are fairly gentle when compared to the brittleness of Diamond.
Marcasite is rather more interesting for those who have a curiosity on gemstones in a spiritual way as these gems possess a healing property and are believed to spark the creativity from within. Talking slightly more on the psychological side, marcasite is known as musings that helps contemplation.

Marcasite as a Jewellery
Marcasite gems are efficient wall-flowers that enhance the radiance of whichever metal they are paired with. Marcasite jewellery usually has an exotic touch to it with a romanticizing quotient that intrigues the admirer to wear it. These gems are generally used to fill the organic space of design to add more illumination to the jewel. The generous availability of the gemstone makes it more pleasant to use them thoughtfully in the rendering of the design elements.
Marcasite Jewellery usually has a vintage glee in them as they have the strings deeply rooted in the ancient Greeks and the remarkable Victorian Era.

Marcasite as your Style
This subtle gemstone is the classic company for darker shades and fits perfectly well with velvets and heavier hues. These having a slightly idyllic glow to it makes it perfect for an evening date or outing. Marcasite gems are sophisticated and smart enough to shine only to the eyes of the admirer and are great when paired with broad necklines and western wears. 
If you are someone who chooses darker lipsticks or simply love the organic bold look, try these elegant gems and what’s more, You will Love It.
Buy The New Relishing Marcasite Collection at Kushal’s to celebrate the Grace of Womanhood. Cherish The Classical Musing!

Marcasite Bracelet
The dark simmers of these stones are captured rather gracefully in the 19th century-inspired designs with a vintage glee to it. This Bracelet patterns have floral elements bedecked with the marcasite gem craft fully as the soul of it and glints graciously around your wrists.

Marcasite Necklace
Abstract patterns of neckwear elements decked with the subdued golden radiance of this marcasite gem generously makes it the most intriguing. The pleasant conceptual designs of this marcasite necklaces make it the most passionate jewellery around the neck.

Marcasite Earring
The impressionistic segments of these earrings are embellished with the Swiss Signity marcasite gem. The glamourizing details of the designs is a harmonious pleasure to own and tune into. These marcasite earrings along with a necklace make a perfect gift for a woman.
The Mystifying Shimmer Collection of Marcasite gem at Kushal’s Fashion jewellery has the Swiss Signity Marcasite Stones along with Ruby and in the Marcasite jewellery.

Marcasite jewellery includes the semi-precious stones like onyx, ruby and sapphire in them making it more of a Royal Collection with innumerable design options. These designs are crafted in 925 sterling silver and oxidized silver as it enhances the undertones of the gem and allows the marcasite to shine more gracefully in a fascinating manner.