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2023 Hearts Collection Specially Curated For Valentine’s Season

This Valentine’s Day
Let’s Gift A Heart To Those Who Fill The Air Around Us
With Love!


Lost in the hype of a Lovely season, we often get caught up on what to choose and how to surprise our loved ones. Even though it may sound very easy, and we have it in our head about how a perfect V-day must be, it is not as simple as one would say. Most of us spend such a long time selecting the perfect gift that in the end we are not left with any moment to pack it properly or plan the surprise. To avoid all that hassle is why we have curated a special Gifting range with tons of heart designs that come in charmingly cute packaging.

So you have all the time to plan the rest of the surprise like a special dinner date, picnic in her favourite spot, a handwritten note or maybe even you cooking her favourite dish. After all, the essence of Valentine's Day is to appreciate and cherish the presence of your loved one, and gifts are one way to delight them and communicate that you think of them all the time. So what are you waiting for, let’s begin by selecting & ordering a gift for her… A little heart for my special one.

Cute Little Ear Studs: Tell her “You are the shine that I hold at my heart” with these specially curated earring designs that feature a sparkling stone inside their expressive strokes forming an endearing heart! Perfect to light up her face and match that sparkling smile of hers on this V-day.

Unity Heart Charm Necklace: Among all other things that V-day is about, it is mainly an occasion to cherish your unity, to reminisce on the journey you have walked together as a couple and to celebrate it while you’re excited about the years to come. And to symbolize such a beautiful feeling, nothing can be better than a Unity charm with subtle sparks on the pendant.

Typographic Neck Chains: Let your gift speak for your feelings this time. “Love”, engraved beautifully over the sparkling stones, might be a bright way to communicate your feelings on this Valentine’s Day.

Infinity Charm Bracelets: It’s time to go one step ahead, instead of saying I love you more say, “I Love You Infinity” with a gift that manifests the same. These bracelets designed with cute little infinity symbol is all you need this V-day to make your Girlfriend go blushing!

Cascading Heart Earrings: If all you want this Valentine’s Day is to present her a beautiful smile, then there’s nothing better than gifting a dainty jewel like this cascading little cute hearts to brighten up the ambience of your date on this V-day!

Hearty Necklace Set: What makes a better gift than a shining jewel that your wife would love to wear to the parties with you. Designed beautifully with hearty enfolds, studded with red hued, glowy stones symbolize nothing but love, making it a perfect gift for your better half.

92.5 Sterling Silver: It’s only best to gift her something in silver that would not just surprise her this Valentine's Day, but a little shine that will stay with her forever as a mark of the beautiful beginning. With a beautiful journey before something in silver sounds the best!

Heart Charm Bracelets: Tell her “All I Want Is To Hold Your Hands Forever”, with a heart-in-heart bracelet that just looks adorable! Let your gift be charmingly symbolic, just like your pair.

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