Antique Bangle 133891

Rs 1,370


Gold-Plated Antique Bangle with Engraved Lord Krishna Figure & Gold Beads in Matte Finish

About the product: The golden colour of the bangles immediately draws your attention to the well-crafted design. These golden antique bangles feature the divine Krishna holding his Bansuri in the centre. Nothing but gold colour, these bangles are a must-have essential for their simplicity and a blend of tradition and modern style. Although one may be enough to stand out, you can go ahead and get more to accessorise and give your wrist the golden glow. The modern, minimal design blend with traditional features makes these antique bangles a must.

Details: Featuring a traditional Lord Krishna design in the centre, the bangles hold other intricate details. Made out of copper alloy, these bangles come with a durable gold finish and rust resistance. 

Specifications: The golden antique bangles weigh around 45 grams and come in 2-4 and 2-6 sizes. The adjustable screw opening design improves the adjustability and fitting while wearing these bangles. 

Styling Guide: These matte antique bangles are ideal for auspicious days or on festive occasions. The significance of Lord Krishna makes these bangles great to be worn on weddings by brides.